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  • Under what circumstances can not use massage pillows

    Massage pillow is through the scientific design, according to modern medical massage techniques and acupuncture points to develop a health care products, so its efficacy and effect are guaranteed, many people are using massage pillow in daily life, but not everyone can use, so what people can not us

  • 4 major features of knee massager

    Function one: 42 warm heat conductors cover the points around the knee, quickly transferring heat to the inside of the knee, precise temperature control design, adjustable between 45-65℃. Function two: built-in powerful infrared lamp, a source of infrared light with a wavelength of 700~50000nm, stro

  • What are the knee area massages?

    With the increasing age, our body will be followed by a variety of diseases, especially diseases of the legs, so mastering the knee area massage is still very necessary, as we all know, the legs of the disease is generally more serious, when we suffer from after we must maintain a calm state of mind

  • The benefits of knee massager for the elderly

    We walk every day, and the part that supports our walking is the leg, but many people are not very concerned about the maintenance of the leg, this is not right, whether you are young or not, you should have knowledge of the knee part massage, because only to understand this knowledge, in our old ag

  • Hand daily maintenance tips

    You can tell a lot of secrets from a woman's hands, whether they are rough or white and tender, at a glance. It is said that the hands are the second face of a woman, and hand care is as important as face care. Imagine a well-maintained beauty, hands out is rough, dead skin, full of barbs, will not

  • What is the working principle of hand massager

    Massager is the use of electricity to make the vibration of the massage head, the human body to massage the health care appliances. Massage is conducive to soothe the muscles and blood, eliminate fatigue and disease prevention. Electric massager is divided into two types of vibration electromagnetic

  • Notes on the use of knee massager

    Electronic massager belongs to a kind of external auxiliary function equipment, than oral products side effects to know more, but experts still remind the majority of consumers do not use massager indiscriminately. What about the knee electronic massager hazards?Massager once improper use, it will a

  • Essential for workers - massage pillow

    Most office workers now use computers for a long time, due to long sitting before the computer screen or desk, if the sitting posture is not correct, it is easy to cause symptoms such as lumbago, cervical spondylosis will also unknowingly stalk.Cervical spondylosis approaching young peopleIn recent

  • Regular use of massage pillow is harmful to your body?

    Different from the artificial massage, the market massage class equipment, such as neck, waist massager, and massage the whole body, massage chair, etc., at most can imitate the human kneading, kneading, grasping, pressing and other actions, can play a relaxation of the muscles, promote blood circul

  • Working principle of shoulder massager

    In modern society, people's life is fast-paced, people often feel back pain, for people sitting in the office, the most painful suffering is the long-term face of the computer, the neck and shoulders for a long time in a rigid state, once relaxed, the neck and shoulders will be particularly sore, no

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