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Classification and characteristics of foot massager

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Foot massager for everyone, it is both the old health concept, but also the new technology products, so we can give foot massager, the next definition of such a foot massager.

Foot massager, is an inheritance of ancient foot massage techniques, based on modern technology and manufactured, the human feet (including the soles of the feet, feet, ankles, etc.) for different forms of massage, in order to achieve the health effects of the instrument or apparatus!

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Summarize the variety of foot massager on the market, there are roughly the following categories.

1. the magnetic class: mainly the nature of the inaccessible magnet inlay and a flat plate, the formation of uneven surface, so that the human foot natural convex massage and physical radiation massage of a physiotherapy apparatus.

Magnet is a magnetic metal substance, has a wide range of applications in physics, and magnets in Chinese medicine is also an important drug material, the role of magnets is to relieve the body's circulatory system problems, so that the body's toxic substances in the magnet's drive to be expelled from the body.

Magnets can help the body to replenish its magnetism. This is because the vitality of cells in the body are all affected by magnetism. Newly born cells contain a lot of magnetism and are round, while cells that do not contain enough magnetism decay. A large amount of blood is less active due to lack of magnetism. Diseases of the nervous, urinary and digestive systems in the human body occur due to the clogging of the circulatory system by deposits. In recent years, geomagnetic strength is decreasing dramatically. Magnets allow cells to be subjected to biomagnetic induction, which promotes cellular vitality. 

The use of magnetism improves the microcirculation of the body, promotes blood circulation, purifies the blood, accelerates the metabolic process of cells and restores the elasticity of blood vessel walls. Secondly, the magnet can also enhance the excretion of waste, can also act on the human vascular endings, reduce blood viscosity, prevent heart disease, stroke and other blood embolism diseases.


2. bubble class: bubble class massage is the main manifestation of the widely popular footbath, so that people in the foot bath at the same time, the use of the machine to generate oxygen, through the continuous tumbling of the bubbles on the soles of the feet massage.

Bubbles live oxygen: to promote blood circulation. The foot has been said to be the second heart of the human body since ancient times. From the theory of health care, the foot is the farthest away from the human heart, and the heaviest burden, therefore, this place is most likely to lead to poor blood circulation, medical texts record: "people have feet, as if the tree has roots, the tree withered root first exhausted, people old feet first decline." Especially for those who often feel cold hands and feet, hot water soaking feet is an excellent method.

3. mechanical class: mainly the use of constantly rotating rollers, pure mechanical massage on the feet, natural, comfortable. Without any side effects.


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