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Essential for workers - massage pillow

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Most office workers now use computers for a long time, due to long sitting before the computer screen or desk, if the sitting posture is not correct, it is easy to cause symptoms such as lumbago, cervical spondylosis will also unknowingly stalk.

Cervical spondylosis approaching young people

In recent years, the age of office workers suffering from cervical spondylosis is getting younger and younger. As a result of long-term sitting in front of the desk body forward bending, so that muscles, ligaments, fascia, joint capsule and other soft tissues in a state of long-term tension. After the neck muscles are fatigued beyond the physiological load, causing a sterile inflammation, it will produce edema in the muscle fascia, and this situation will produce some pain factors to stimulate the nerve endings to produce pain.

massage pillow

In addition, after the muscle strain, the intervertebral discs of the cervical spine degenerate and produce osteophytes, and the intervertebral discs directly compress the relevant neck and shoulder nerves, causing pain from the nerves. Before suffering from cervical spondylosis, there is often a process of repeatedly falling off the pillow or neck and shoulder syndrome, often feeling severe pain in the neck, shoulder and back, accompanied by symptoms such as vertigo, dizziness, headache, migraine, heavy pressure on the head, and a feeling of tightness.

Once you feel a mild or severe neck and shoulder pain, go to a regular hospital for a comprehensive examination and consultation in a timely manner. Early formal treatment will get rid of the pain as soon as possible and slow down the process of degenerative lesions. To avoid getting cervical spondylosis, it is recommended that office workers:

First, to ensure the correct sitting posture, as far as possible to maintain a natural sitting position, the back will sit straight, and keep the neck straight.

Secondly, they should exercise no less than three times a week for no less than 30 minutes each time, which is necessary for good health. People who are engaged in long-term desk work should increase rest and activity time to enhance blood circulation throughout the body, eliminate local muscle fatigue, prevent and alleviate cervical strain injury.

Third, avoid air conditioning cold air blowing directly on the neck and shoulder muscles, pay attention to keep warm.

Fourth, the height of the pillow soft and hard to moderate, general supine pillow height of a fist, side sleepers pillow height of a fist and a half, about 10cm. Pillow core to wood cotton, buckwheat bark is good, the amount of filling to be appropriate to maintain a certain degree of hardness and elasticity. Too much elasticity of the pillow is easy to cause fatigue and injury to the neck muscles. It is best to lie on your back with a small pillow under your neck to maintain the physiological bend of the cervical spine. Those who are used to lying on their sides should fill the pillow to the gap between the face and shoulders to reduce the burden on the neck.

Sitting and working for more than an hour should be up and moving, use the massage pillow to relex the muscle.

massage pillow

As office workers sit on the chair for a long time, the position is relatively fixed, the posture is less changeable, the lumbar muscles are often in a certain direction of tension, making them a group of people prone to lumbar disc herniation. They often have symptoms of lumbosacral pain, which can be mild or severe. In light cases, the symptoms arise only after sitting for a long time; in heavy cases, the pain is unbearable, bedridden, painful when you move a little, and it is extremely difficult to turn over.

It is recommended that office workers who work continuously for more than one hour should stop their work and do some stretching and head turning exercises to avoid back pain caused by long-term fixation in a posture. The massage pillow is a good choice, so that the lumbosacral muscles are not too fatigued.

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