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How to buy the right leg massager

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How to buy a leg massager is the first problem facing consumers, mastering the purchase of leg massagers is particularly important.

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Calf area massage function: leg airbag massage type calf for three-dimensional squeeze massage, through the air pressure circulation massage, stimulate a number of acupuncture points, relieve a number of calf muscle fatigue, stretching and relaxing joint ligaments and reduce varicose veins in the calf, shaping the leg lines, and legs without spring stretch function, the use of different height of the population free adjustment.

Thigh area massage function: the application of high-end massage chair air pressure technology, according to personal preferences 0-90 degrees personalized angle adjustment, extending from the calf to the thigh, through the air pressure closely squeeze and impact, soothe the thigh muscle tightness, beautify the leg line, so that the thighs get timely relaxation.


There are many types of leg massagers, each different, but no matter which one to choose, the first thing is to look at its entire appearance of workmanship. A good quality leg massager, its stylish appearance, delicate workmanship, if the top is wrapped in leather, then look carefully at the quality of its leather and the level of sewing, leather should be soft, sewing stitches should be neat and tight. If it is made of plastic, then look at the edge of its plastic, see if there is a batch of wind cutting place, and then the hand properly in various places to press hard to see the thickness of its plastic, the thicker, the better the quality of nature.


Motor can be said to be the most core part of the whole leg massager, all the running action need to rely on the motor. After opening the leg massager switch, listen carefully to the sound emitted by the massager, if the motor in operation when the humming, the sound is too large, then the quality of the leg massager may not be very good, in the choice of this should pay more attention to the point.


leg massager

Look at the strength of the massager. Look at the entire appearance, and then try the leg massager massage strength, to see whether the strength is in place, the strength is too small, no effect, the strength is too heavy, there will be pain, it is recommended that it is best to have the freedom to adjust the massage strength function, so that you can adjust the strength of the massager.


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