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How to use the fascia gun correctly

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For the correct use and length of the fascia gun, it is recommended that it is best to operate with the texture of the muscles and massage them in accordance with their overall direction, for example, the chest muscles are horizontal and the limbs are vertical. And we use the fascial gun is appropriate force rather than forceful force, according to the texture of the slow push can be. Be sure to master the appropriate force and scale.

At the same time, the longer the use of the fascial gun is not the better, nor the more painful the more effective, it is recommended that a local fascial meridian single use time to 30 ~ 60 seconds is appropriate; spherical gun head and flat gun head, because the area is larger, the force to hit the muscle more evenly, can be extended to 3 minutes, but try not to exceed 3 minutes. It is recommended that each part be used for less than 3 minutes. For some special groups, such as teenagers, pregnant women, etc., and patients with fractures, lumbar strain, arthritis, tendonitis, etc., it is recommended to go to the hospital to receive medical treatment.

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The correct ways to use the fascia gun are:


1. First of all, choose the right massage head for different positions, generally the fascia gun is equipped with different massage heads, for example, the round massage head has a better cushioning effect, suitable for massage and relaxation, applicable to the whole body muscles; the massage head with a flat head has a hard texture, applicable to the chest, thighs and other large muscle groups.


2. turn on the switch, use the fascia gun head top muscle position, through resonance, enhance penetration and massage effect.


3. without exerting too much external pressure, do not hit too long in the same position, the same part of the total length of 3-5 minutes for multiple use is appropriate, in different locations slowly moving wandering with a certain thrust.


4. to follow the texture and direction of the muscle to hit, overall the chest muscles are horizontal, leg muscles are vertical.

Fascial gun is a more popular massage appliance in the fitness sports circle, for sports relaxation has a very good effect, its basic principle is physical vibration, through high-frequency vibration to release the adhesion of the fascia, massage deep muscle, play a relaxing role.


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In the process of using the fascia gun need to pay attention to, fascia gun is mainly for muscle soft tissue relaxation, joints, head, side of the neck, inner clavicle, armpits and the inner side of the big arm, bones raised places, knees and its surrounding locations should not use the fascia gun impact.

The last thing I want to say is that the fascial gun is only a tool to relieve muscle fatigue and relax muscles, but does not have the role of treating diseases, do not be confused by some marketing means and ways of business, but should be rational to look at, correct and reasonable to use.


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