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Precautions when using massage cushions

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1, the use of massage cushions is very wide, the main one or help to relieve human fatigue. Whenever people are tired, the cushion will be placed behind, you will be able to enjoy the cushion from top to bottom of the massage, indeed, can quickly relax, and thus relieve the tiredness after a busy day's work.


2, while massage cushion is said to be able to relax the human muscles, relieve body aches and pains, thus promoting people to quickly go to sleep. In fact, this role has a great connection with the relief of fatigue, only when people relax, people's whole body and mind will be comfortable, and then go to sleep.


3, as for someone said this massage cushion can treat cervicitis, frozen shoulder, lumbar strain, anemia, neurasthenia and other diseases, this is no scientific basis, we do not blindly believe.


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Massage cushion use precautions


Massage cushion is, after all, an electrical appliance, so we must not forget the fact that it is an electrical appliance when you use it, to be plugged into the power supply when it is enabled, and when it is closed to pull the plug out of the power supply. At the same time this is an electrical appliance, remember to use it in wet or watery places to avoid electric shock. In addition, the massage cushion will act directly on the body, if people suffer from varicose veins or skin paralysis, it is good to consult a doctor to see if you can use.


And for people with weak constitution, the long time massage not only has no massage effect, there may be a load on the body, so children and pregnant women are good to avoid using the cushion.

Massage cushion internal machinery, manipulated by the machine, through the massage head on the muscle massage to achieve the purpose of relaxation, so once should not use too long, 5 ~ 15 minutes more appropriate, but for the more obvious symptoms of sore parts can be properly extended massage time, but the longest should not exceed half an hour; and to achieve good results, to be used twice a day in the morning and evening.


Can it be used for a long time? Generally speaking, it can be used for a long time. Because the massage cushion is a health care products, its main effect is prevention and maintenance, no therapeutic effect, so it can not bring people immediate effect, only gradually through the accumulation of small effects to improve the health of the human body.

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Through the above article, I think we all know how long a massage cushion can be used, the use of a short time to achieve the desired effect, the use of a long time and will damage the body.


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