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The massager maintenance of common sense

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1. Please do not sit on the pressure or force to ravage the massager, if the force is too heavy, it will damage the massager, so that it can not work.

2. If the massage, sweating mostly, you can use a towel to dry before massage, which is safe, and good effect.

3. Prohibit the air does not flow in the local, for example, sheets or pillows under the use of massager, which can lead to overheating of the machine resulting in fire, electric shock or damage to the user, so please use in the air circulation, wide space.


4. Each time the use of neck and shoulder massager, should be based on the strength of their own body to choose to use the time period, the best do not cross 20 minutes.

5. When using, do not approach the electric heater or other power supply, to avoid accidents caused by fire or electric shock.

6. Do not use the massager in the skin active, this is a little damage to the skin.

7. According to the different massage effect, select different types of massager, according to the different massage parts, select the corresponding massage head mounted on the massager.

8. The use of the need to check the massager wires, plugs, shells, etc. can be flawless, the use of voltage and city voltage can be together.

9. Massage end, please first close the power supply, and then unplug, and then clean. Unplug the power supply, it is necessary to hold the plug, not pull the power cord to avoid tearing the power cord.

10. Prohibit bathing, the use of massager, wet places together should not be used, mainly the massager energized, wet places with moisture, if leakage, electrocution will occur.


In summary. For the use of massager, must pay attention to its use of matters, if a user has the above described situation, please do not use first, and then use after you recover, to avoid secondary damage. Massager maintenance aspects, we need to pay attention to, only often maintenance, in order to use longer.

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