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Which people are suitable for the fascia gun?

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Fascial guns are a recently emerging massage tool that people are using to massage their stiff and tense muscles. But in the process some people have been injured because the fascia gun is not suitable for some people to use. So who do you think the fascia gun is suitable for? What kind of people are not suitable to use the fascia gun?

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Myofascial gun is suitable for whom to use?

1. Professional sports people

Such as athletes, professional dancers, skateboard skaters, etc.. Professional sports crowd every day high-intensity training is easy on the muscles and tendons caused by contusions, over time a small disease does not recuperate, evolved into a major disease, which we often say occupational disease. So professional sports people should pay particular attention to sports rehabilitation, fascia gun can effectively massage muscle groups, to relieve the exercise of muscle contusions and other problems.


2. Sedentary people

Such as office workers, e-sports players, professional anchors, etc. The reason why we can move freely, mainly by the circulation of blood to carry out, but if sedentary for a long time, it will reduce the amount of oxygen-carrying blood in the body, oxygen partial pressure decreased and increased the amount of carbon dioxide carrying blood, thus causing muscle pain, stiffness, atrophy. The high frequency vibration of the fascia gun can improve blood circulation and relieve muscle tension and soreness.


3. Fitness people

Whether you are a professional HIIT, CrossFit fitness training crowd, or for beginners who like fitness sports, after exercise will produce muscle strain, tightness, soreness and other problems, fascia gun can improve the local muscle pain points, ideal for relaxing muscles after exercise.


4. The elders crowd

We all know that older people often have back pain, most likely caused by lumbar muscle strain, their own massage will generally be a little strained, the strength is not very good to grasp. And fascia gun can be a good way to improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, relieve pain.


5. Injury recovery people

Such as plantar fasciitis, sports strains, hand and foot cramps, etc.. These symptoms are often due to local muscle inflammation or tension, fascial gun by hitting these parts of the muscle to relieve local muscle tension, contracture caused by the pulling pain and other symptoms.

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Who is not a good candidate for the fascia gun

Not everyone can use a fascial gun, it can also cause personal damage if not handled professionally, and it does not do much to repair soft tissue damage. If improperly operated or for a long time, there is also the possibility of increased fatigue, and pregnant women or people with health problems should be prohibited from using it.


1. pregnant women

Pregnant people are in a special physiological period, the use of fascial guns such as stimulation of excessive tools on the body after the baby, easy to have an impact on the baby, and therefore can not be used.


2. People with health problems

In general, people with diseases, the use of fascia gun to stimulate the organism, is not conducive to recovery, may also lead to aggravation of the disease, need to wait until the recovery of the disease to use.


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