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E-commerce seller service

If you are a seller of e-commerce channels such as Amazon, shopify, shopee, lazada, ebay, etc., we will provide you with some personalized services to facilitate the sales of our products on the e-commerce platform.

We will provide you with product selection services

The core of the e-commerce platform is product selection. Having a good product may be the decisive factor for the increase in sales of your e-commerce platform, so we will provide you with something like this to facilitate your sales. We have a very professional team so that we can get first-hand market information at the market port. We can fully grasp the development trend of the market. If you need it, you can contact us.

We will provide you with customized product packaging services

If you have your own brand, or you have some special requirements for your product packaging, our team can solve such problems for you. We can provide customized packaging services, and will solve your problems at one time from design to production to delivery, so that your products will have a very good experience in e-commerce platform sales.

We will provide you with product minimum order quantity optimization services

For e-commerce sellers, we can become more flexible in the minimum order quantity of some products, so that we can minimize your risk, and we can also ensure that we will complete the delivery of the product as permission.

We can provide you with the marketing support services

We can provide you with the marketing support services needed for marketing and e-commerce platform optimization: maybe you need to get more traffic to your e-commerce platform, or you need someone who can help you process product images. We can solve your worries, and use our marketing pages on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other platforms to help you with relevant e-commerce platform drainage services, so that our customers can make purchases on your platform, thus you can digest the products more quickly.

Contact us

If you have any needs in this regard, you can feel free to send an email (sales@zmindcn.com) to us, and we will give you an overall solution as soon as possible.


 We will provide you with after-sales service support within 24 hours.  If you have any questions, you can consult our email or telephone.
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