Air Foot Massager

air foot massager 1.1. Fashionable design with optional color. 2.2. Kneading massage from toes to heels to cover all acupuncture points. 3.3. Airbag massage function make you more relaxed. Instep airbags to fit for different feet massage. 4.4.Three level air massage intensity selected. 5.5. Auto...

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air foot massager

Feel tight air compression, heat treatment combined with massage nodes, kneading and rolling pressure.

Benefits include a massager that improves blood circulation, reduces stress.

The foot massager has heat, providing deep kneading finger pressure and rolling massage to relax overworked feet. With a rhythmic air compression massage, the foot massager gently presses your foot to provide deeper, more intense massage and comfort for the tired feet. This foot massager can be easily and conveniently used for further soothing foot massage.

Main feature:

Deep kneading rolling massage to relax and soothe overworked soles and arches.

A rhythmic air compression massage gently squeezes the feet for a deeper massage experience.

Low and high air strength for a perfect foot massage.

Soothing heat increases comfort and relaxation.


1. Stylish design with optional colors.

2. Massage from toe to heel to cover all acupuncture points.

3. Airbag massage makes it easier. The insole airbag is suitable for different foot massages.

4. Select the third-level air massage intensity.

5. Provide automatic working mode and manual working mode, adjust two automatic working modes. 6. Two-stage temperature regulation: low temperature, high temperature.

6. A pair of detachable fabric with zippers can be cleaned.


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