Foot Massager industry needs to make a profit by breaking the ice
- Jul 26, 2018 -

In the initial stage of venture development in the Foot Massager industry, relying on resources or market advantages, the subsequent development will encounter bottlenecks, which faces a very important question: what kind of model is used to guarantee profits.

At the beginning of the establishment of the company, the low-end Foot Massager products have always been used as a breakthrough in the market. However, for the long-term development of Foot Massager, selling low-end products will inevitably lead to a vicious circle and undermine the brand's reputation. First of all, there are two hidden dangers in low-priced products: First, it is difficult to meet the mainstream standards for environmental performance. Second, the quality is not stable enough, and it is prone to “sequel” after use.

The Foot Massager industry has just sent away the industry's off-season, and it is urgent to break the ice to ensure the normal operation of the company. The Foot Massager companies with thousands of domestic scales are highly competitive. Whether the profits in the industry are struggling - In the past two years, Foot Massager has experienced the reality of rising raw material prices and labor costs. The current cost pressure may be greater than in the past. For most of China's Foot Massager companies, they are almost all up-and-coming, and the development time is not long. The price war involved in low-level competition may never really stop, and everyone is competing for sales.

Therefore, the overall effect of the low-end Foot Massager products is not as good as high-end products, and can not reflect the excellent health performance. At the same time, because the price is low, consumers will not only think that the products are low-end, but will further consider the brand to be low-end. Because of the consumers who use it, they will not think that the brand's products are of good quality and good technical performance, which ultimately leads to the brand's reputation. Such a vicious circle is difficult to guarantee the realization of the ideal profit. But this is not to say that low-priced products can not be sold, but that Foot Massager companies should ensure that profits should focus on the promotion of high-end products.


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