Foot Massager's reasons for inefficient business management
- Jul 26, 2018 -

Any enterprise is a system, artificial system, since it is artificial, it must be formulated, optimized and practiced by people. The Foot Massager industry is obviously equivalent to other industries. There are more problems. On the one hand, we blame the industry at an early stage, which is not mature enough. On the other hand, the management level of most Foot Massager companies lags behind the management level of other industries. . In fact, the world's top 500 companies and some of the best domestic companies have their own set of management models. We can't say that it is omnipotent, but it is still effective in the development of the company within a certain range. Foot Massager Enterprises can learn from it.

However, there are not many successful cases in the industry. The reasons for this can be summarized as three major points:

 First, the ability to execute is weakening; a complete internal system of the enterprise must have strong execution power, and the above-mentioned good decisions must be implemented. If there are suggestions or opinions, it can be discussed with the leaders of the department. Foot Massager business leaders must have the deterrent and courage to be “leaders”. Most good business leaders can combine “work with employees” and “responsibility of leaders”. Of course, the lack of executive power is not only a question of the responsibility of the leader, but an imperfection of the internal management of the entire enterprise.

Second, selective reference; most of the world's top 500 companies originate from Europe and the United States, this management model is born in the soil of Europe and the United States, is combined with their corporate "market" to develop, the domestic Foot Massager enterprises can not " One-size-fits-all, "completely copy", must be used for selective reference. In addition, the professional quality of employees in developed countries in Europe and America is generally high, and the established systems and processes will be implemented consciously. However, most domestic enterprises have a short time to implement the market economy, especially the Foot Massager enterprise. High, poor execution, and the system and process that are formulated do not match the actual operation of the enterprise, and the enterprise lacks an effective execution system.


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