Step by step to create a quality Foot Massager brand
- Jul 26, 2018 -

As a high-end product of the Foot Massager industry, Foot Massager has won the trust of customers because of its high quality and good service. Foot Massager is a labor-intensive industry. China has a traditional competitive advantage. With the fading out of manufacturing in developed countries, China's products are fully capable of occupying the dominant position of the world's Foot Massager hardware, but it is undeniable that China's current Foot There are still many gaps between the Massager production process and the international level. Many companies do not have new product research and development departments, and even others do not even have professional and technical personnel. Therefore, our products can only compete with international products at a low level.

Looking back on the development process, since the mid-1990s, after efforts, in China's Foot Massager market, the dominant position of the domestic Foot Massager has gradually formed, and has been further consolidated in recent years. The information gathered from various aspects shows that in the domestic Foot Massager market, the sales volume of domestic Foot Massager has accounted for 60% of the total sales, while the various imported brand products only account for 40% of the market. In the foreign Foot Massager market, the proportion of manufacturing in China is expanding, and China has become a foreign Foot Massager production base.

The Foot Massager market has obvious brand effects; since the first half of 1998, the domestic Foot Massager brand has gained the upper hand and has become the market leader. Experts believe that in the Foot Massager market in China, the share of domestic Foot Massager will increase in the next two or five years, and its competitiveness will be stronger. The main reason is that the domestic Foot Massager has both appearance and internal quality. Basic or already able to compete with imported brands, but the sales price is only one-third or even lower than the imported brands.


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