Massage Cushion

  • Shiatsu Massage Cushion

    Shiatsu Massage Cushion

    shiatsu massage cushion *Relax muscle through massage to release neuropathic pain,tiredness and paralysis *Fix head to keep head and neck normal shape when user is sitting for a rest *Accord with body cervical vertebrae physiologicalstructure *Additional red light and heat...Read More
  • Massage Car Seat Cushion

    Massage Car Seat Cushion

    massage car seat cushion 1.Vibration massage with adjustable shoulder: 38 unique emulation massage methods, more choices, more to enjoy. 2..Infrared design: infrared combination massage design, bactericidal anti-inflammatory, blood circulation, dampness fend off the cold,...Read More
  • Car Massager

    Car Massager

    car massager 1.Strong massage, vibration 2.Adjustable massage strength 3.Heating function 4.Soft PU for more comfortable sit. 5.AC100-240V adaptor for home use. 6.AC12V adaptor for car use. 7.Massage seat cushion with heat 8.At least 3 massage speeds from slow to fast 9.neck,...Read More
  • Body Massage Cushion

    Body Massage Cushion

    body massage cushion 1.Strong massage, vibration 2.5 powerful massage motors target upper back,mid back,lower back,and thighs;includes soothing lumbar heat. 3.Ergo hand control personalizes massage with 4 zones,5 modes,3 intensity levels and 3 auto-timer settings 4.8...Read More
  • Massage Seat

    Massage Seat

    shiatsu massage cushion 1.Strong massage, vibration with different spead 2.8 different massage program 3.Four different massage zone 4.Adjustable massage strength 5.Heating function 6.Comfortable material touch ur body 7.Kneading, heating 8.Five physical therapy 9.Folding...Read More
  • Vibration Massager

    Vibration Massager

    vibration massager *9motor vibration or according to your requirement *Massage seat cushion with heat to improve blood circulation * Handheld remote let you customize your massage *3 massage speeds from slow to fast *neck, shoulder, back and thigh all can be massaged *You can...Read More
  • Body Massage Vibrator

    Body Massage Vibrator

    body massage vibrator 1) 9 motor vibration or according to your requirement,neck, shoulder, back and thigh all can be massaged 2) Massage seat cushion with heat 3) 3 massage speeds from slow to fast 4) neck, shoulder, back and thigh all can be massaged 5) portable for home,...Read More
  • Car Home Massage Cushion

    Car Home Massage Cushion

    car home massage cushion Brand Name: Zmind *neck, shoulder, back and thigh all can be massaged *Shake your hips to make it more relaxed. *Vibration seat massage with 3 levels of intensity *.portable for home, office or car use. *The interior material is polyurethane foam and...Read More
  • Electric Massager Cushion

    Electric Massager Cushion

    electric massager cushion 1.kneading knobs for back massager. 2.with heating function, 2 different lights color 3.15 minutes auto shut off 4.4. Power by both adapter and car plug 5.A remove control 6.Three massage intensities make you have different massage feeling. 7.Adopt...Read More
  • Back Massager Cushion

    Back Massager Cushion

    back massager cushion 1.Two sets of six-rollers in eah side with swing shiatsu massage., Comfortable massager back, waist, enjoy spot massager or full back. 2.Heat function 3.Soft PU for more comfortable sit. 4.AC100-240V adaptor for home use. 5.AC12V adaptor for car use....Read More
  • Massage Cushion Seat

    Massage Cushion Seat

    MASSAGE CUSHION SEAT 2 rollers with 6 massage head in each make shiatsu massager infrared heating massage the whole back 15 minutes auto shut off Power by both adpter and car plugRead More
  • Back Massage Cushion Vibrator

    Back Massage Cushion Vibrator

    back massage cushion vibrator When you do not use this product or when your car is off, please unplug the power. * If the connection seems loose, please try to push the connector little further with force. * If you are injured in the back or neck, it is recommended to consult...Read More
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