Car Massage Pillow

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car massage pillow

1.It can promote blood circulation and facilitating metabolism.

2.Has good effect on relieving neck/back/waist /leg pain.

3.DC 12V,2.5A safe.


The massage pad provides round kneading massage and vibration vibration to relax tight muscles, suitable for shoulders and back, abdomen, feet, calves, and waist. By providing a consistent therapeutic massage, it can help you treat muscle pain and relieve body pain less expensive than professional massage therapists. The massage nodes penetrate deep into the muscles and alternate directions after each minute. Calories help to warm the muscles, making them more susceptible to the benefits of massage. Massage pads can be used in cars and indoors through home and vehicle charging lines.


Store in a dry, cool room.

Do not store in a bathroom or in a high humidity room.

Do not store near fireplaces, heaters, stoves or stoves.

Do not use a massager if you are sweating or getting wet.

To clean the massager, wipe it with a dry cloth or a damp cloth, but do not get wet. Do not use on any injured skin or muscles. Do not let your child use a massager.


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