Electric Back Massager

WENZHOU ZHIMAI ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD/HUAGNTAI. grow very fast these years. Daily produce 2000pcs, with fast delivery day.

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Product Details

Electric back massager

1.One button star 

2.Heating physical therapy 

3.Four massage balls

4.Perfect curve made user more comfortable 

5.High grade PU leather

6.Used for car and home

7.Portable and easy to operate

The electric massager is a health care appliance that uses electric power to vibrate the massage head and massage the human body. Massage is good for relaxing the muscles, eliminating fatigue and preventing diseases.

The electric massager belongs to health care electrical products, which performs local mechanical stimulation on the surface of the human body, accelerates the blood circulation of the local skin and muscles, and adjusts and improves certain physiological functions of the human body.



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