Back Massager

PINGYANG HUAGNTAI ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, with brand name of ZMIND was established in 2014,the company is a professional engaged in design, development, production and toothbrush sales of brand enterprise . Headquarters is located in Pingyang country Wenzhou city,Zhejiang province.
   The company has professional CE ,ROHS, FDA certificates, and UL, KC, GS,CE for adapter part

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Product Details

back massager

1.Unique and fashionable design

2.Three working modes to meet different needs

3.Warm function not only has Soothing effect , but also promote blood circulation

4.Three kinds of soothing massage programes. (Automatic )

5.Four kinds of rhythm massage programs. (optional)

6.3 kinds of massage strength can be adjusted

7.Single finger control panel with Led indicator

8.Portable and hand-free design


The number of massage nodes used by the massager and how they are distributed affects the versatility of the unit. Massage pillows with more massage nodes can better massage larger parts of your body, such as the back, buttocks and legs.

On the other hand, a massager using a massage node that is less evenly distributed on both sides of the unit strip can better massage a narrow surface such as the neck from a plurality of angles.


Neck and shoulder massagers stimulate your muscles. When your muscles are stimulated, your local blood circulation will increase.

Increased blood flow will bring more oxygen, nutrients and white blood cells to the muscles and nearby joints. Increased oxygen supply will energize your muscles. As they are receiving more nutrients, your muscles will begin to regenerate themselves. White blood cells play an active role in reducing the inflammatory process they encounter.

People with muscle pain and joint pain will increase blood flow.

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