Neck Massager

Wenzhou Zhimai Electronic Co.,Ltd and PingYang HuangTai Electroinc Technology Co.,Ltd are same company, a profession massage equipment manufacture in Wenzhou City, Zhejiagn Province.
With products of SHIATSU MASSAER, daily produce 2500pcs.We have CE, ROHS, FDA,KC for different market.

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Product Details

neck massager

1 .Shiatsu massager roller in each side with 8 balls

2. Two direction

3. With infrared lights

3. Auto time:15 minutes 

4.Three Intensity

5.Input 12V,2A can both used in car and home

The cervical vertebra massager combines the four physiotherapy methods of low-frequency electrotherapy, magnetic therapy, infrared hot moxibustion and pillow-type traction, and uses the traditional Chinese medicine principle to form an efficient composite energy field, which can relax the muscles and help improve the blood circulation of the neck. Effectively relieve neck muscle stiffness and pain.

Cervical spine stretcher Deformation of neck and shoulder stiffness, prevention of hunchback, and correct posture. At the same time, the magnetic therapy point on the massage point directly contacts the body to help blood circulation, promote metabolism, and relieve the auxiliary treatment of cervical spondylosis for 5-15 minutes.

Massager can eliminate fatigue, for a variety of physical discomfort: general fatigue, neurasthenia, back pain, shoulder and neck pain, leg pain, etc.; fatigue is a one-sided discomfort, but objectively under the same conditions, lost its completion The normal activities or work abilities that the firm is engaged in. The massager eliminates fatigue caused by strenuous exercise and relaxes the muscles.

Applicable people: white-collar workers, drivers, standing for a long time, sedentary, long-term facing the computer and other people.

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