Roller Massager

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Roller massager:

1. Unique massage head design, effectively massage the shoulders to help you knead muscle tension, pain and fatigue.

2. Includes transformers and DC adapters for homes and cars.

3. Automatically clockwise and kneading clockwise.

4. Infrared heating function

5. One button, easy to control.

6. Infrared kneading neck shoulder massage belt high quality PU cover.


Massage involves working under pressure and acting on the body. Techniques are usually applied using hands, fingers, elbows, and the like. The purpose of the massage is usually promoted as a treatment for stress or pain.

The shoulder massager relieves stress and fatigue and has been shown to improve blood circulation. It makes it easy for you to add these benefits to your everyday life.

The shoulder strap allows you to apply pressure better and adjust the massager to hard-to-reach areas.

Breathable mesh fabric promotes heat penetration and allows the massage node to move flexibly.

A clean cloth protects the massager from dust and provides a more cushioning massage experience.


After sitting down, enjoy a neck and shoulder massage while watching TV and relaxing.

In a car with a car adapter, the shoulder massager will help ease the stiffness and soreness of long trips.

A sedentary lifestyle will definitely have a negative impact on your health. This shoulder massager will help you relax for 15 minutes to enhance your health.



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