Shiatsu Shoulder Massager

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Product Details

shiatsu shoulder massager

●   Input Voltage:DC12V             

●   Input Current:2A       

●   Rated Power:24W     

●   Timing:15 mins            

●   Approval DC Adapter

●   Clockwise rotation Or counterclockwise rotation

●   Materials:PU Leather Cover;Sandwich Mesh

●   Strong Motor(copper); 4 Gear and  8 Massage Nodes 

●   Speed Control 

●   Accelerate Muscle Recovery

●   Alleviate Muscle Pain

●   Reduce Heart Rate

●   Increase Flexibility

●   Improve Circulation

●   Promote Better Sleep


The shiatsu massager has the effect of relaxation and healing, and is the perfect way to decompress after a long day in the office. This massager's high-efficiency U-shape has an independent node that mimics the work of the masseur, helping to relieve fatigue and improve blood circulation.

With a unique and flexible strap, you can easily adjust the pressure in the soft area for the best results. This massager also provides soothing heat to the most injured area, but built-in sensors prevent it from overheating. Made of breathable fabric that promotes heat penetration and maximizes nodular massage.

No need to spend a lot of time or money. Even better, it's a cure for you, you can do it for yourself, anytime, anywhere.

This beautiful neck massager can also be used on the shoulders, waist, legs and other parts of the body.

Don't worry if you happen to kneel during massage therapy. The wrap-around handle strap easily applies perfect pressure and adjusts the neck massager to treat tight muscles in other parts of the body, from the waist and legs to the abdomen.


Massage nodules to relax and relieve pain

Soothing heat helps soothe and increase blood circulation

Easy to use anytime, anywhere

Ergonomic design for easy positioning of pain points

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