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  • Regular use of massage pillow is harmful to your body?

    Different from the artificial massage, the market massage class equipment, such as neck, waist massager, and massage the whole body, massage chair, etc., at most can imitate the human kneading, kneading, grasping, pressing and other actions, can play a relaxation of the muscles, promote blood circul

  • Working principle of shoulder massager

    In modern society, people's life is fast-paced, people often feel back pain, for people sitting in the office, the most painful suffering is the long-term face of the computer, the neck and shoulders for a long time in a rigid state, once relaxed, the neck and shoulders will be particularly sore, no

  • The importance of shoulder and neck care

    Massage is a very good effect method, for many types of cervical spondylosis it can treat, but also beautify the shoulder line, today asked experts to give you an introduction to the benefits of shoulder and neck massage. I hope friends can understand. 1. Improve circulation: frequent massage of the

  • What are the benefits of shoulder and neck massage

    A, shoulder and neck massage of the 6 magical effects1. Massage can reduce migrainesIf you've been suffering from migraines, you might want to consider getting a massage. Researchers at the University of Auckland found that people suffering from migraines slept better and had fewer migraines after h

  • How to choose the shoulder massager

    Now more and more people suffer from occupational diseases, especially those who look forward to working in the office, whenever the work is done, the whole body is very sore, this time you need to relax their tired body and sore muscles, and shoulder massager can play a big role. Next, I will intro

  • What are the applicable people of shoulder massager

    Often busy in front of the computer. The busy work, so we have no time to take seriously relax our shoulders, the following I am a small compilation for you how to use shoulder massage equipment, simple three small movements, help you dare to go away shoulder fatigue. First, deep breathing shoulder

  • More massage can actually relieve knee pain

    The following are some of the common causes of knee pain. 1. Periprosthetic ligament injury Knee ligaments are relatively less stable when the knee is slightly flexed, and if a sudden external force causes valgus or valgus at this time, it may cause medial or lateral collateral ligament injury. Pati

  • Use knee massager to take care of your knees after exercise

    People with knee osteoarthritis feel pain in their knee joints. Most patients want to relieve the pain but do not know how they should do it. Some people, on the other hand, believe that playing tai chi is a way to relieve knee pain. So, can playing tai chi relieve knee arthritis pain? Playing tai c

  • How to take good care of your knees in winter

    In winter, due to the cold climate blood circulation becomes slower, the end of the limbs and joints lack of muscle fat protection parts are easy to cold, the knee is one of them, although the body does not feel cold, but the joint parts hand touch is cold, some people feel joint pain at rest or in

  • How to maintain the massage pillow

    The method of maintaining the massage pillow is very simple, in use to lightly push the switch, avoid excessive force, heavy pressure or sharp hard objects stabbing the surface of the massage pillow; after use to be properly stored, the massage pillow in the original box or dry low-temperature place

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