An Average Of About 2 Families Have An Electric Neck Shoulder Massager
- Jul 26, 2018 -

From the perspective of developed countries in Europe and America, the penetration rate of electric Neck Shoulder Massager reaches 40%; and the penetration rate of Japanese electric Neck Shoulder Massager

Even more amazing, up to 46%, that is to say, an average of about 2 families have an electric Neck Shoulder Massager; and in other Asian countries and regions, such as South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan, the electric Neck Shoulder Massager family penetration rate is also more than 10%. . However, the domestic market is far from being achieved. With the development of the economy and the advancement of technology, the market penetration of electric Neck Shoulder Massager is an inevitable trend.

The state is vigorously supporting the health industry. In many speeches, Minister of Health Chen Yu stressed: "The contribution of the health industry to the national economy implies unlimited prospects. The Chinese government should actively guide the sustainable development of the health industry to make it account for about 8% of the gross national product and become a national economy. a big pillar."

Under the strong support of national policies, the health industry has already shown a booming weather. As the “golden throne” of the health industry, the electric Neck Shoulder Massager has an annual output value of tens of billions and grows at a rate of about 20% per year. It is an emerging industry with profitability second only to health products, and will be supported by national policies. The market penetration tendency is more obvious.

Some industries have already been killed in the Red Sea, and the Neck Shoulder Massager industry is still in the introduction stage in China, with great market opportunities. How does the Neck Shoulder Massager company seize the opportunity and grow bigger and stronger?


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