Neck Shoulder Massager Companies Should Pay Attention To The Identification Of High-tech Enterprises
- Jul 26, 2018 -

In recent years, the international market has maintained a strong demand for Neck Shoulder Massager products in China, and the improvement of domestic manufacturing level has also provided a guarantee for the manufacture of Neck Shoulder Massager in China, which has led to the gradual transfer of world production capacity to China, making China a The world Neck Shoulder Massager has a manufacturing center. According to the technical characteristics of some Neck Shoulder Massagers, some Neck Shoulder Massagers can be attributed to high-tech products, so that relevant enterprises can enjoy national policies and financial support. However, at present, China's Neck Shoulder Massager enterprises generally lack the awareness of high-tech enterprise identification, and the Neck Shoulder Massager discussed by the author of this article has high-tech ownership, which deserves the attention of relevant enterprises.

Doing a good job of technology is the premise of "high evaluation"

Neck Shoulder Massager core technology in control software

Neck Shoulder Massager's high-tech field is a key technical area supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology in the current technology and economic form. With the passage of time, the "China High-tech Product Catalogue" is used to identify that high-tech enterprises have not adapted to the requirements of China's rapid development of science and technology and economy. The new "High-tech Enterprise Certification Management Measures" is based on the national medium- and long-term science and technology development plan and The “Eleventh Five-Year” development plan, combined with the key tasks of energy conservation and emission reduction, environmental protection, and promotion of people's livelihood, has compiled the “High-tech Fields Supported by the State” to determine whether the research and development and industrialization activities carried out by the enterprises have Innovative, is it in line with the national key support direction? Enterprises engaged in activities related to the field of Neck Shoulder Massager will be given certain policy support or financial support after the application and certification procedures. Therefore, to do a good job in the Neck Shoulder Massager technology field, and to match the products (services) provided by the company with the high-tech field, is a prerequisite for being rated as a high-tech enterprise.


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