Neck Shoulder Massager Core Technology In Control Software
- Jul 26, 2018 -

Specific to the Neck Shoulder Massager product field, the combination of mechanical, electronic, optical sensing, electromagnetic and other technologies, through the mechanical drive to drive the vibration or rotation of the massage head or massage wheel to achieve massage. Among them, the action of the mechanical massage hand is controlled by the central control board, and the core component of the central control board is a single chip. The microcontroller chip embedded program software controls its output port to check the position and state of the robot. The position or status signal of the robot is generated by mechanical switch, light sensing, electromagnetics, etc., and the control software prompts the user to send a command for the massage action after the signal is sounded. The whole product can be divided into two parts: circuit control and mechanical transmission.

Among them, Neck Shoulder Massager circuit control is divided into two parts: hardware design and software programming. Mechanical transmission is divided into two parts: robot and drive mechanism. The manipulator is vibrated, rotated or oscillated by the drive mechanism, and the drive mechanism is controlled by the circuit to realize expansion, rotation, start and stop, and the like. Therefore, the core technology of most Neck Shoulder Massager products lies in the circuit control part, and the core of circuit control lies in software programming. The same hardware circuit, the same mechanical structure, under the control of the program software can realize a variety of massage techniques and combinations thereof to meet the various needs of users.

Someone once compared Neck Shoulder Massager products with people. Control software is like a human brain, and hardware circuits and mechanical structures are like human bodies. For a person, all parts of the body are important, but the most important thing is the brain, which commands and controls the body to perform a variety of actions, and the brain is the real core. By the same token, for most Neck Shoulder Massager, although the hardware circuit and mechanical structure are very important, the core is the control software.


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