The Electric Neck Shoulder Massager Has A Similar Feature To Air Conditioners And Cars
- Jul 26, 2018 -

At present, the domestic electric Neck Shoulder Massager has narrow channels and insufficient market competition. Imported brands are mainly agents who sell counters in major shopping malls; domestic brands are controlled by manufacturers or dealers; there are many blank areas in the market, and the number of quality terminals is small.

The market channel of electric Neck Shoulder Massager is the first sales channel with department store, and the counter in the department store is the first choice for the high-end brand of electric Neck Shoulder Massager. The shopping environment of the shopping mall is superior, it is easy to establish a good image of the brand, and the main consumer groups of the shopping mall are relatively stable and have strong purchasing power.

The electric Neck Shoulder Massager has a similar feature to air conditioners and cars. It is a luxury in the ordinary people before it reaches the popularity, but unlike the real luxury, they are extremely practical. Neck Shoulder Massager seems to be a symbol of luxury and representativeness to their owners, as well as a high quality of living.


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