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  • The difference between fascial gun amplitude 10mm and 12mm

    First of all, the gap is definitely there, but how big the gap is also depends on the person. The miscellaneous fascia guns on the market are generally not marked with the amplitude depth in their parameters as standard, even if they are marked, but the actual experience of using them is not friendly. The feeling is that the fascia gun is the same as the general vibration massage equipment, there is no difference. This is one of the reasons why most people feel useless after choosing a miscellaneous/branded fascia gun.

  • Relaxing myofascia, first pick the right massage tool of note

    Fitness for all, a variety of muscle relaxation equipment is also very popular, including massage roller, massage ball, fascia gun is the most common. Physiotherapists remind that these massage devices do have the effect of relaxing the muscles and fascia, but it is important to remember not to hit the bony protrusions and vascular nerve convergence, not to be excessively painful, or to stretch in order to achieve the best effect without causing injury.

  • Fascial gun should be chosen from five aspects

    With the increasing prevalence of sports exercise, the market for the sale of fascia gun (massage gun) style is also constantly iterative, in addition to the purchase of fascia gun to refer to variable speed gear, range and other performance, then what other parts need to pay attention to?

  • How to buy the right fascia gun for you

    The fascia gun, which is popular in the sports world, has taken over ordinary households. Especially in the previous period, people stay at home, either head down to play cell phones, or nestled in the sofa watching TV, maintaining the same posture for a long time, easy to shoulder and neck stiffness, back pain, resulting in the rise in popularity of the fascia gun. But there are many kinds of fascia guns on the market, how to choose?

  • Which people are suitable for the fascia gun?

    Fascial guns are a recently emerging massage tool that people are using to massage their stiff and tense muscles. But in the process some people have been injured because the fascia gun is not suitable for some people to use. So who do you think the fascia gun is suitable for? What kind of people are not suitable to use the fascia gun?

  • What does a fascial gun do? Five things you must know

    Before and after exercise or long-term work in front of the office computer, there will inevitably be muscle tension and soreness and other problems; in recent years, it has become popular to use deep muscle fascia gun (referred to as fascia gun) to deal with such problems, more fitness enthusiasts

  • Precautions in the use of the leg massager

    The benefits of leg massage is very much, for different people, the benefits of massage legs are also different, what are the specific benefits? I tell you what is the role of massage legs, leg meridian massage precautions and how to do leg massage. Together with Xiaobian to understand it. Massage l

  • Foot massager purchase methods and techniques

    In the purchase of massager products should pay attention to three issues. First, safety. As the massager is in direct contact with the human body electrical appliances, so its safety is particularly important. Should select those products that have passed the inspection of the nationally recognized testing institutions. In addition, there is a plastic shell, the power plug for the two-pole massager (in the apparatus nameplate marked with a back symbol) high electrical safety performance.

  • What are the precautions to take when using a fascial gun?

    In fact, in recent years, as people's living standards improve, health awareness is also getting stronger. Including the concept of consumption has also changed a lot, take visiting friends and relatives, most of them used to send some food and drink gifts for daily living, but now people are more willing to invest in health, both family and personal.

  • How to use the fascia gun correctly

    For the correct use and length of the fascia gun, it is recommended that it is best to operate with the texture of the muscles and massage them in accordance with their overall direction, for example, the chest muscles are horizontal and the limbs are vertical. And we use the fascial gun is appropri

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