Product parameter

Name Timing Colour Rated power
Eye massager 15 minutes White, blue, purple,OEM 5W
Size Folded size Battery capacity Material
208*226*120mm 149*226*120mm 1200mAh ABS, PU+flannel
New enhancement
Six core advantages
6 smart air pressures
Multi-frequency vibration massage
5 modes
Large hot compress area
Skin-friendly material
Bluetooth music
Let your eyes relax!
Face cell phones, computers, etc. for several hours or even ten hours a day.
Eye pain, dryness
Sore eyes, dark circles
Unable to sleep
Dry eyes and fatigue
Anytime, anywhere
Relieve eye fatigue
  • Tired of watching the show
  • Game gap
  • Lunch break
Five massage modes One key switch
  • Comprehensive mode (air pressure + vibration + heating)
  • Vitality mode (air pressure + vibration)
  • Clear mode (air pressure + heating)
  • Dynamic mode (air pressure)
  • Sleep mode (heating)
6 smart airbag massage
Artificial human massage technique
Circulates powerfully, just like a real person massaging the eyes Relax tight eye muscles

Multi-frequency vibration kneading

Continue to vibrate and knead 11 acupuncture points in the eyes, Stimulates the eye meridian and relieves quickly.

Constant temperature hot compress Warm the eyes

Adopt carbon fiber technology to keep heating at 42℃ Helps blood circulation around the eyes, gently moisturizes the eyes, relieves eye fatigue and soreness

Easy Bluetooth music change

Connect to Bluetooth to listen to music or bring your own scene music.Bluetooth mode: Connect mobile phone Bluetooth to play music.Acoustic mode:Built-in natural water bird song music.
Create every detail Just for better quality
Facial arc design
  • 180° folding
  • 360 °fits face
PU+flannel material
  • Skin-friendly Breathable Easy to clean
Large capacity lithium battery
  • Built-in 1200mAh lithium battery Long battery life


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