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6 benefits of regular head massage for the human body

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Nowadays, life is fast-paced and many people have not a small amount of life stress, both at work and in life! So now a lot of people are beginning to be aware of the body health. In order to maintain health naturally through a variety of ways to do moves that help the body, for example, now some people often massage their head, that often massage the head can make themselves healthier, but many people do not know what the benefits of massage head. Since we have to massage the head often, is there a product that can replace the hand massage, but also to achieve the effect of massage?

head massager

1, refreshing and relieving fatigue


Grasp the head massage can produce effective stimulation of the acupuncture points at the head, then it can play a good refreshing effect on the brain, quickly drive away the feeling of fatigue.


2, to promote blood circulation in the head


Massage head, can be distributed on the scalp capillaries for effective stimulation, so that it is in a state of expansion, and can promote the operation of the head blood circulation, supplying more oxygen and nutrients for the brain.


3, Relieve headache symptoms


Massage on the head, can dredge the meridians, so the symptoms of headache can be significantly reduced. So, when the headache do not easily take headache medicine, why not try to massage the head first!


When you have a headache, it's good to massage your scalp a few times. In the headache, if you can't solve the problem by yourself, you can also ask someone to help massage. But if the headache is strong, it is best to go to the hospital for a checkup.


4, conducive to healthy hair growth


Hair massage can regulate the blood circulation of the head, for the hair root to transport more adequate nutrients, but also on the scalp to stimulate the hair follicles, to a certain extent to strengthen the hair roots, prevent hair loss, conducive to the healthy growth of hair.


head massager

The benefits of head massage are mainly these, next we talk about how to massage the head massage is good. Let's learn together.


Head massage contraindications


1, when the head massage, to control the strength and time, massage to the scalp feel hot on it.


2, when massaging the temples, the thumb pressure should not be too strong, the main force should be on the other four fingers, not on the thumb.


3, the strength of the massage, to their own feelings prevail, slightly harder until there is a slight pain, but at the same time the feeling of soreness and softness is the most comfortable strength.


4, in the massage before the face Xing quiet, but also wash your hands and dry, wait until your hands are warm and then massage, if your hands have been in a cool state, you can rub the palms of both hands to each other until hot. Cold hands massage, then, not only uncomfortable, will not feel the comfort of massage.


Chinese medicine believes that the head convergence of many points and veins, often massage the head, then you can move the blood, as well as dredge the meridians. Can regulate the function of the organs of the five viscera and six internal organs, relieve physical fatigue, refreshing drink brain, delay the aging of the brain, to prevent brain aging, but also to enhance the body's ability to resist disease.


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