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4 major features of knee massager

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Function one: 42 warm heat conductors cover the points around the knee, quickly transferring heat to the inside of the knee, precise temperature control design, adjustable between 45-65℃.

Function two: built-in powerful infrared lamp, a source of infrared light with a wavelength of 700~50000nm, strong penetration, can reach the back of the knee, the whole knee to play a role.

Function three: Built-in magnet with strength of 2000 gauss, generating magnetic field around the joints, playing magnetic therapy on the joints, causing changes in the physiological and biochemical processes of tissue cells, producing analgesia, swelling, promoting blood and lymph circulation, etc.

Function four: high-frequency vibration device massage, 8000 revolutions per minute, high frequency and low intensity massage can not only protect the joint parts from damage, but also play a massage effect that is difficult to achieve with ordinary massage.

knee massager

Massager is a kind of electromagnetic drive to achieve massage, kneading, tapping, vibration, pounding, swinging and other massage functions of household appliances, some massagers also have electric heat, infrared radiation and other auxiliary functions, the human body local or whole body massage, to achieve sports, bodybuilding, eliminate fatigue, beauty, health care and other purposes. 

Modern massager through the motor drive or electromagnetic vibration to achieve massage, kneading, tapping, vibration, pounding, swinging, rolling massage, supplemented by electric heating, infrared radiation and other functions, the human neck, shoulders, arms, back, waist, legs, feet and other organs, muscles, acupuncture points to produce massage stimulation reflexes, promote the smooth flow of human meridians, improve blood circulation, strengthen the body's metabolism, to activate blood circulation, blood stasis, and Eliminate fatigue, relieve muscle pain and other massage health effects.

Accelerate the circulation of blood inside the body, which is the most basic role of the massager. Through massage, the human skin temperature will gradually rise, after a period of time, the person being massaged can obviously feel the body heat, skin heat. At this time, the body's blood vessels of the channel has actually been opened, the blood flowing continuously, full of vitality and vitality. 

Massage can make a person feel the body cells are constantly expanding, this is the effect of the massager in relaxation, not only the blood is accelerating, even the lymphatic system is also greatly affected. For the external tissues of the body, the massager also has the effect of helping the joints to return to their original position. Due to prolonged exertional activities and misaligned joints can be restored to their original shape, the bone gaps can be adjusted asymmetrically, the tendons and bones that have been injured can also be treated accordingly.


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