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What are the knee area massages?

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With the increasing age, our body will be followed by a variety of diseases, especially diseases of the legs, so mastering the knee area massage is still very necessary, as we all know, the legs of the disease is generally more serious, when we suffer from after we must maintain a calm state of mind, do not let the disease more and more serious because of their negative state of mind, next let us learn about knee area massage.

The knee fluid is synovitis, a common disease in professional athletes. Synovitis is a disease of aseptic inflammation, which is caused by a variety of causes of abnormal synovial function and morphological changes in the joint, thus causing excessive synovial fluid production and absorption disorders, producing a disease with the main clinical manifestations of joint swelling, pain, functional limitations, muscle atrophy, etc. Most knee synovitis is complicated by various knee injuries as described above, but it can also develop alone or secondary to osteoarthritis of the knee, the latter mostly in the elderly. In young adults, there is a history of acute knee trauma, and after the injury, mild edema, pain, limited activity and claudication of the knee joint begin to occur.

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It is crucial to treat the knee promptly after diagnosis. The early stage of hydrocele is usually mainly acute. Western medical treatments, such as hormones, fluid pumping, joint cavity flushing, antibiotics and other treatments, are difficult to obtain satisfactory results and incomplete treatment. 

If the best treatment period is missed, the inflammation gradually transforms into a chronic phase, with recurrent episodes of effusion, synovial hypertrophy and adhesions, which affect the functional problems of the joint. Chinese herbal medicine is used internally to activate blood circulation and eliminate blood stasis, reduce swelling and pain, while external ointment is applied to open the meridians, dispel wind and dampness, strengthen bones and tendons, and thoroughly treat acute and chronic synovitis with remarkable efficacy and 2-3 courses of treatment. Some patients have their symptoms quickly controlled after the medication, and stop treatment as soon as the clinical symptoms disappear, but they do not know that the inflammation has not been completely eliminated and the synovial membrane function has not fully recovered, which can easily cause recurrent effusion, the correct method is to consolidate 15-30 days continuously after the symptoms are eliminated.

1. Supine position, knee straight, operate with the method above the patella, operate with finger rubbing or palm rubbing method under the patella, medially and laterally for 15 minutes.

2. Extension and flexion of the knee method: patient supine position, knee flexion of about 90 °, assistant fixed thigh, the doctor hands hold the ankle first after about half a minute of confrontation traction, while maintaining traction left and right twisting 2 to 3 times, then the knee as much as possible to flex, and then return to the knee flexion of 90 ° position, feasible 2 to 3 times, the last time to maintain a certain traction, the assistant slowly relaxed, so that the affected knee completely straight.

3. take the quadriceps and the rear muscles of the calf 3 to 5 times with the take method, rubbing the knee.

Understanding knee parts massage for many people with bad knees is still very necessary, because knee problems can not just rely on drug treatment, more lies in their own, if they can master certain methods, then for the rapid improvement of the disease has a role in promoting, of course, if the knee has problems, then in daily life should pay extra attention.


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