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Adhere to the daily massage waist, relieve pain lumbar pain

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With the continuous development of society, there are many people around us who are engaged in the service industry, and these people are usually working in a standing way, so it will lead them to lumbar muscle strain, thus triggering the symptoms of lumbago.


And there are some bad standing and sitting posture can cause people to have low back pain. So in order to help you, can be away from the trouble of low back pain, to introduce you to the more common massage methods, when the appearance of low back pain, you can choose some suitable for their own methods to massage.


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What are the five massage methods to treat low back pain?

One. Knead the waist


In this massage, must maintain a good sitting posture, and use the two hands five fingers together, respectively, placed on the left and right sides of our lumbar vertebrae, and then palm inward, slowly knead our waist up and down, until our waist appears hot situation. This kneading 2 to 3 times in a row can help you effectively treat back pain.

Two, rolling massage method


In the use of this massage method, people must lie flat on the bed, and then massage staff two hands clenched fist on the waist to roll back and forth, so repeatedly for many times until the symptoms of lumbago is relieved. Most importantly, this time people must maintain hand hygiene and waist hygiene, so as to avoid some skin infections.


Three, tui na massage method


I believe we all know that we recently popular a method called tui na, this method can also help massage our waist, so that people effectively away from the back pain. When carrying out this massage method, we must rub both hands hot, and then placed on the waist back and forth push and pull, in order to achieve a good massage effect.

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Four, press massage method


This method is mainly to let the masseur put both hands on both sides of people's waist, and the use of hands cross-waist posture, and then the thumbs must be placed in our waist eye, squeeze, and rotate and knead, so as to effectively help people relieve lumbago. The most important thing is that when using this method must adhere to a relatively long cycle, so that the effect is the best.


Five, hand grasp massage method


This method mainly allows people to use a lying position, and then the massage staff to cross the two hands on people's waist, thumb in front, pressed on the waist side of the motionless, and then the remaining four fingers from the external slowly grasp the skin to our spine, so back and forth hand grasping several times, can achieve good effect of relieving lumbago.

People who have back pain in daily life, to understand these more common waist massage method, and learn to use these massage methods in daily life to help massage, so that we can effectively stay away from back pain, have a healthy body.


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