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Cervical spine neck massager use precautions

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When the human body presents a tired state, in addition to the hand massage method, you learn to use the massager to relieve the body's pain? The following look at the use of men's massage supplies - cervical spine neck massager and precautions.


neck massager

Steps / methods


1 check the massager wires, plugs, shells, etc. are intact, the use of voltage and the city voltage is consistent.


2 according to different massage role, choose different types of massager. According to different massage parts, choose the corresponding massage head mounted on the massager.


3 each massage time is generally up to 30 minutes. If in the massage process or after the massage, the body feels uncomfortable, should be suspended.


4 according to need, select the switch "strong", "weak" position, start using, you can first switch to "weak" file, to be massaged for a little time, if no discomfort, adjustable to "strong" file.


5 operation, holding the massager arm vibration, this is a normal phenomenon. If there is discomfort, you can wrap some soft things such as sponges, to reduce the arm vibration.


6 If the massage sweat mostly, the application of towel dry and then massage, which is safe, the effect is good.


7 Should not be in the shower and more humid places to use the AC voltage 220V massager, do not let the water splashed on the massager, to rabbit the risk of electric shock.


8 in the massage process, such as the vibration does not move, dramatic vibration loose or loud abnormalities, should immediately turn off the switch, unplug the power supply, double-check, troubleshooting before using again.


9 electromagnetic massager movable iron core and the distance between the fixed iron core size, the vibration strength has a great impact, the larger the gap, the weaker the induction of magnetic lines, the weaker the vibration; conversely, the smaller the gap, the stronger the vibration. Usually the strength of the massager has been adjusted at the factory, the general user does not need to retune.


neck massager

Special tips are: where the patient is suffering from heart disease, mental illness or other more serious illnesses, generally should not use the massager by themselves, if you must use, to guardians or doctors under the guidance of the use.

In fasting, full stomach, drunkenness and after strenuous exercise, the use of massagers is strictly prohibited.


The use of 220V AC massager, pay attention to the operation of the electrical safety; massager should not be hit, moisture, not to mention the water splashed on the massager.


During use, if there is no vibration or smoke and other abnormalities, should immediately turn off the switch, unplug the power supply, to be used after troubleshooting.


Cosmetic effectiveness: weight loss (conditioning the human body excretory system, progress in human immunity, promote fat emulsification, differentiation, metabolism, and then reach the goal of fat loss), postpartum abdominal laxity, breast augmentation, facial acne, etc.


In the early recovery period of fracture and joint dislocation also can not use the neck massager. When the fracture or joint parts are damaged, the use of cervical massager, so that muscle tension under the action of the bone position movement is difficult to recover, but is not conducive to recovery.

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