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Does cervical spine neck massager has side effects?

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Along with the relatively developed high-tech, many massage instrument into everyone's favorite special tools, especially cervical massager is very loved by the people, there are electric, manual type, the cervical bone relief pressure has a very good effect, but in addition to the application, the people should pay attention to the way . Then the cervical spine massager has side effects? Not to clear the side effects, especially the elderly need to recognize their own condition before application, can not blindly follow the trend.

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1. massage instrument guide tips for the elderly, if the human body a bone or tendon location is in the "swelling hot pain" inflammatory reaction period, dry million can not blindly follow the wind pushing, or inflammation will increase, more serious when it will continue to cause periostitis. 

If you have a boil or tumor, it is also not suitable for the application of electronic devices massage instrument. Due to the irritating nature of the epidermis, it will make the capillaries expand and the blood volume of the part elevated, which will easily cause the outward diffusion of the location of the lesion and may aggravate the disease. If there is a fracture and shoulder dislocation, the electronic device massage instrument should not be applied at the initial stage, because when the fracture or bone joint position is damaged, because the efficacy of the muscle will cause the bone to move, and if the pushing is carried out too early, it will make the bone move.

In turn, it is not conducive to rehabilitation treatment. And skin diseases, infectious diseases, lymphadenitis, blood patients should be more cautious to use electronic device massage instrument, in addition, for hypertension, anemia patients, should need to pay attention not to push at the aorta on the side of the neck, to prevent blood to speed up, there are accidents.

2. In addition, electronic device massage instrument in the elderly empty stomach, full stomach, drunk and excessive exercise must be prohibited to apply, otherwise it will make the blood water flow further accelerated, smooth muscle intestinal peristalsis in the stomach to improve, easy to cause nausea and want to vomit, vomiting, chest tightness, shortness of breath and other discomfort. The first application of massage instrument for the elderly is not suitable for too long, it is best to use 10-15 minutes first, after which it can be slowly upgraded to thirty minutes.

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Cervical spondylosis is a disease with degenerative degenerative pathological changes as the basic. The key because the cervical vertebrae long-term muscle strain, osteophytes, or lumbar intervertebral disc prolapse, tendon thickening, resulting in cervical vertebrae spinal nerve, nerve root or vertebral artery stress, resulting in a series of functional problems of the clinical medical syndrome. 

Early treatment has the prevention of poor rest. Poor rest, tension and anxiety at work and long-term continuous maintenance of fixed immobile posture, etc., will cause neuromuscular tension and anxiety, strengthening the symptoms of cervical spondylosis; appropriate application of pain relief sleep aid pillow; neck, shoulder and latissimus dorsi exercise; can be applied to reduce part of the neuromuscular tension has a certain effect; in addition, there is also Chinese medicine acupuncture physiotherapy and other actual effect is good.


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