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Eye care instrument massager related knowledge introduction

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In today's society there are a lot of people are nearsighted, why are there so many people nearsighted, have you ever thought about this problem? Let me tell you why so many people are nearsighted, because we use cell phones and computers more often, resulting in excessive eye fatigue, so there will be eye care massager, it can help you relieve eye fatigue. The following small to introduce you to the eye care instrument massager related knowledge.

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Eye care instrument massager - eye care instrument introduction

Eye care instrument massager is a combination of modern ophthalmology theory and Chinese medicine cosmetology principle of eye care and eye beauty special instrument. It can relieve visual fatigue and prevent myopia and amblyopia. 

The eye massager is carefully designed according to the high and low contours of the eye and the distribution of different acupuncture points, there are 26 fingertip massage contacts, and set into the efficient medical rare earth permanent magnet alloy neodymium iron boron, can produce the best magnetic flux. Massager push, take, pinch function basically belongs to the sine modulation medium frequency electrotherapy, different waveform modulation medium frequency current under the electrode can produce obvious binding tightness, jittering feeling, accumulation pressure kneading muscle feeling, etc. 

The massage effect of these currents can promote venous and lymphatic reflux, promote the elimination of metabolic products and inflammatory products, antispasmodic and pain relief.


Eye care instrument massager - precautions for use

1. do not use when driving;

2, do not use at high temperatures; 

3, massage parts are receiving drug treatment, or have received surgery with redness, inflammation and other indications, do not use; 

4, when not in use, please remove the battery; 

5, not for diagnosis, treatment and other commercial purposes; 

6, please use a disinfectant cotton wiped with neutral detergent; 

7, do not pull the shell closed state of the machine shell, so as not to Do not remove the waterproof silicone ring at the opening of the mainframe to avoid the loss of waterproof function of the machine. Waterproof silicone ring can avoid liquid fluids into the machine interior, damage to the internal electronic components; 

8, the use of operation discomfort, please pause the use of the eye massager, and power off for inspection.

eye massager

Eye protector massager-use process

1. low frequency pulse current treatment, magnetic field treatment, infrared penetration of three kinds of treatment into one, at the same time treatment, composed of a high efficacy combination of energy magnetic field, penetrate the body internal meridians and bones. 

2. eye massager has four treatment electrodes, four treatment methods, for the eye points for professional treatment. The electrode magnetic piece is placed inside the head massager, for the eye magnetic field treatment range becomes more extensive. 

3. eye massager infrared transmission function, played to promote blood circulation and eliminate blood stasis, remove dampness and eliminate cold. 

4. thin wireless remote control button design, so that the eye massager is easier to use. 5, AC and DC power exchange use, saving more resources. 6, eye massager design has automatic protection Equipment, twelve seconds inside the operation is not carried out, the eye massager will shut down on its own.


We are determined not to be a group of people wearing glasses, we also do not let cell phones, computers and other electronic products endanger our eyes, we want to protect our eyes, so that we can not need any eye care instrument to repair our eyes, however, eye fatigue we must go to rest or use eye care instrument to assist our eyes quickly get relief.


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