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Eye massage instrument selection guide

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Eye massage instrument is not specified which age group of people can not use, for often long time use of the eyes, eye fatigue fruit want to relieve the children, teenagers, adults and the elderly such groups of people are advocated to use;.


In addition, the eye massage instrument is suitable for people who want to improve the problem of dark circles, bags and wrinkles under the eyes caused by staying up late and people with insomnia.

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Before buying, let's first understand the working principle of the eye massage instrument, in the owner's opinion, it is through hot compress + massage, promote the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid around the eyes, improve the local tissue nutrition structure. After clarifying this point, we focus on its hot compress effect and massage mode, followed by the material that fits the inside of the eye, the size of the face, intelligent mode, charging range, etc.

In determining the need to buy an eye massage instrument, we can choose from the product brand and price, type, wearing experience, function, charging life and so on.

1. massage mode: eye care instrument massage mode generally has two, airbag massage and microfrequency vibration massage. Airbag massage is somewhat similar to our manual eye exercises, the number and shape of the airbag can be examined when buying, the more three-dimensional the more accurate coverage of the eight important points around the eyes.

2. Hot compress function: continuous constant temperature hot compress is the most soothing fatigue, about 42 ℃ is the best temperature.

3. Lining material: breathable, skin-friendly, easy to clean the most important, in terms of the existing materials on the market, protein leather > PU leather > suede, skin-friendly protein leather is the best.

4. Design: under the premise of full functionality, choose a compact size and can be 180 degrees folded, portable, of course, the overall value of the high points!

5. Intelligent mode: different massage modes can match different use scenarios, such as the owner is using the Ojawa eye care instrument has four intelligent modes to choose from, at any time to meet the different needs.

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6. charging life: general eye care instrument will set a fixed use time of 15 minutes, a charge of electricity for about a week is very good.

7. extension function: listen to music when doing massage, 15 minutes will soon pass, now many eye care instruments come with the music function, the sound source from the immediate, bringing the sound quality feeling more intense. But this function is not just needed, there is a plus, no cell phone playback is also OK.


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