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Fascial Gun Industry Overview and Market Analysis(1)

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1. Market size analysis of the fascial gun industry


A fascial gun (massage gun) is a handheld massage device that helps with soft tissue rehabilitation and can help quickly relax fascia and relieve soreness after a workout. The fascial gun is still relatively new to the market, but since the summer of 2019, consumer interest has been on the rise, sales have been climbing, and the hot trend will obviously continue.


Second, the fascia gun industry structure analysis


The industry structure of the fascia gun industry mainly consists of raw material and service manufacturers, product and service integrators, design planners, industry product and service agents, and industry product and service distributors and consumers.

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Three, fascia gun industry PEST analysis


1. Policy reasons


The central government issued the "fascia gun industry development "thirteenth five-year plan", clearly requires the fascia gun industry will increase by 30% by 2020, each local introduction of local policies to improve the industry penetration rate.


In 2020, the fascia gun industry has become a policy dividend market, the State Council government report pointed out that the fascia gun industry will be conducive to improving the quality of life of the people.


The fascia gun industry continues to demand hot, capital favorable fascia gun field, the industry development long-term positive.


2. Economic reasons


In the context of the "13th Five-Year Plan", China's fascia gun industry how to see the current situation, anchor the future, strategic foresight, scientific planning, seeking technological breakthroughs, industrial innovation, economic development, to lead the next round of development to lay a solid foundation.


In 2019, the per capita disposable income of residents 28228 yuan, a year-on-year real growth of 6.5%, the increase in the level of consumption of residents to provide an economic basis for the market demand of the fascia gun industry.


3.Social reasons


The traditional fascia gun industry has low market threshold, lack of unified industry standard, no professional supervision of the service process and other problems affect the development of the industry. The combination of the Internet and fascia gun, reduce the intermediate links, to provide users with cost-effective services.


Post-90s, post-00s and other kinds of people, gradually become the main consumer of the fascia gun industry.


4. Technical reasons


Technology-enabled VR, big data, cloud computing, fascia gun, 5G, etc. gradually transitioned from first-tier cities to 2, 3, 4 tier cities, to achieve the popularization of science and technology experience in the fascia gun industry.


The fascia gun industry introduces ERP, OA, EAP and other systems to optimize the information management construction links and improve the efficiency of the industry.

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5. Analysis of the development status of the fascia gun industry


The fascia gun market is hot, and the fundamental reason why its application market has developed by leaps and bounds is the innovation of technology, safety and variety. The explosive growth of user demand has greatly enriched the application market of fascia gun.


On the one hand, the further promotion of raw materials and suppliers in the industrial chain of fascia gun optimizes the industrial process; on the other hand, the renewal and iteration of fascia gun technology, quality and variety further meet the new needs of users. The promotion of multiple parties makes the fascia gun application will get explosive development in the next few years.


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