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Fascial gun should be chosen from five aspects

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With the increasing prevalence of sports exercise, the market for the sale of fascia gun (massage gun) style is also constantly iterative, in addition to the purchase of fascia gun to refer to variable speed gear, range and other performance, then what other parts need to pay attention to?

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Massage head type

The massage head is an important accessory for the effect of the fascia gun, with the massage head can provide the appropriate massage effect according to different muscle parts. Massage head mainly has 4 basic types, it is worth checking whether the massage gun has a free massage head when buying.


Large round head: massage, relax the whole body size muscle groups.

Pointed head: also has a round bullet head, finger-type head variations, for single-point deep massage, but remember that the time can not exceed 15 seconds.

Forked head: used to massage the neck, spine and heel muscles, stimulation is greater.

Round flat head: used for patting and shaping the whole body of small and large muscle groups.

Half-moon head: along the direction of the muscle group massage, can be fixed to apply force to focus on the massage area.



The weight of the fascia gun is also one of the key points to be examined by all the partners, too heavy body will cause the burden of the user when holding a single hand, suitable for holding the weight of about 1 kg or less.


Variable speed

Variable speed frequency determines the intensity of massage, the current market fascia gun at least have 3 variable speed gears, so that users can choose the appropriate strength of muscle massage, when the fascia gun has more variable speed frequency, it can meet the needs of different strength of massage.

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Battery life

Although it is not recommended to use the gun for more than 1 minute on the same part of the body, it takes a lot of time to finish massaging the whole body for small and large muscle groups, so the battery life of the gun is very important. Now the basic myofascial gun battery capacity control in the 2000 mAh up!


Noise / noise reduction

At present, various manufacturers have suppressed the sound created by the fascia gun, but some partners still think that late at night at home will be noisy neighbors, so in the purchase can still check the decibel sound of the fascia gun, especially for the use of partners at home need to pay more attention to the issue of sound insulation. 60 decibels or less noise is acceptable.


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