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Foot massager purchase methods and techniques

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In the purchase of massager products should pay attention to three issues. First, safety. As the massager is in direct contact with the human body electrical appliances, so its safety is particularly important. Should select those products that have passed the inspection of the nationally recognized testing institutions. In addition, there is a plastic shell, the power plug for the two-pole massager (in the apparatus nameplate marked with a back symbol) high electrical safety performance.

Second, the appearance. Should pick a beautiful appearance, the housing structure is solid and reliable, the shell is flat and smooth, uniform color, no cracks in the plastic parts of the product.

Third, the function. Each gear switch open should be flexible and reliable, remote control electronic switch keys to light and quick. Power on test to identify whether the function of each gear switch is normal, whether the strong and weak control is effective, whether the gear indicator is displayed accordingly, whether the heating parts are normal heating. Massager work, the noise should be low, the vibration strength is normal, no abnormal sound. For the massager with computer program control, you can choose one of the representative functions of the test to see if it works properly.


Summarized the following methods and guidelines on the purchase of footbaths:

First, the benefits and efficacy of foot bath foot reflexology massage therapy is a valuable heritage of Chinese medicine, with a traditional history of more than 3,000 years, according to the latest modern scientific research shows that there are reflex zones (points) corresponding to the organs of the human feet, stimulate these reflex zones, can promote human blood circulation, regulate the endocrine system, enhance human organ function, to achieve the self-care effect of disease prevention and treatment. Especially before bedtime foot bath can play a hypnotic effect, if the process can be used with some Chinese medicine boiled into juice poured into the water together with the bubble, the effect will be better.

Second, the footbath classification 

1, according to the structure: single basin type, split type 

2, according to the depth of the liquid: low water level, water level, high water level 

3, according to the heating method: not heated, circulating heating, steam heating.


Third, the footbath function 

1, automatic heating and insulation - footbath massager using energy-saving flowing water direct heat, can effectively control and maintain the human body feel comfortable with the water temperature, after turning on the machine can be adjusted at will between 35 ~ 50 ℃, to reach the temperature you set. Automatically maintain a constant temperature, so you can enjoy the foot bath massager to bring you comfort. 

2, bubble impact massage - foot bath massager bubble tank can release a large number of bubbles impact foot acupuncture points, promote blood circulation, massage health effects. 

3, vibration massage - -The bottom of the foot bath massager is equipped with a vibration motor and hundreds of massage particles, high-frequency vibration after power on, can fully stimulate the foot acupuncture points, promote blood circulation, improve metabolism, improve the quality of sleep, eliminate fatigue, improve health, improve resistance to disease.


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