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How should the future development of the massager industry?(2)

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Product service competition strategy


Service is not in physical form, but in the form of providing activity services to meet a particular need of others. Service competition strategy refers to the competition methods and techniques to expand the sales volume of products and labor services by increasing service items and improving service quality. The principle of service competition strategy is user first and user first.



Product quality competition strategy


Quality is the life of the product, it is directly related to the vital interests of consumers. In the case of a certain price, improving product quality will make the consumer get more benefits from the purchase of the product and improve the degree of satisfaction of the product to the consumer. Conversely, lowering the quality of the product will reduce the benefits consumers deserve from the purchase of the product, reducing the degree of satisfaction of the product to consumers. Because of this, consumers are always willing to buy goods of good quality and low price, and not willing to buy goods of inferior quality and high price. The improvement of living standard makes people pay more and more attention to the quality of goods. Practice has proved that there is a market for good quality, and it is a good strategy for success to compete by improving product quality. Product quality includes: product reliability, sophistication and adaptability in shape, appearance, packaging, etc. The improvement of enterprises in any aspect is sufficient to improve quality and enhance competitiveness.


Product innovation competition strategy


Today's era is the era of rapid development of science and technology. The development of science and technology, on the one hand, makes the cycle of product renewal shorten; on the other hand, it changes people's consumption concept and consumption habits, so that the time of product sales and popularity is shortened. This requires enterprises to strive to develop new products to adapt to the development of the times, to meet the changing needs of people. To this end, enterprises must master the trends and changes in science and technology and market demand, so as to sell a generation of products, reserve a generation of products, trial production of a generation of products, development of a generation of products, to ensure the continuity of new products into the market.


Product characteristics competition strategy


Product characteristics refers to the characteristics that a product has that other similar products do not have. As the product characteristics can win the preference of many consumers, and then make it become a regular product or a fixed product, so it will achieve a monopolistic competitive position to a certain extent, so that enterprises in the market competition to achieve a greater initiative. Product characteristics are concentrated in: "fine", that is, excellent texture, fine workmanship. Now people's purchasing power continues to improve, the famous products increasingly become the key target of consumption. Because of the high price of high-quality products, can bring enterprises a huge profit; "beauty", that is, the color, texture, shape, packaging and other fresh and elegant, beautiful and generous. The love of beauty is common to all. In other conditions are the same, beauty is the primary criteria for consumers to wash the purchase of goods; "special", that is, to meet the special needs of consumers, such as extra large, extra small, extra long, extra short, etc., it has a special attraction to people, and can even form a monopoly of the market situation within a certain period of time.



The future development of the massager


The future of the massager industry and other industries will be more and more examples of the use of product combinations, so that not only can reduce the risk, but also to play their respective advantages, such as the combination of massagers and fitness equipment, medical equipment and massagers, beauty equipment and massage equipment, etc.


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