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How should the future development of the massager industry?

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Massager is based on physics, bionics, bioelectricity, Chinese medicine and years of clinical practice and developed a new generation of health care equipment. It not only has eight simulation functions, so you do experience the wonderful feeling of acupuncture, massage, hammering, fire can, scraping, slimming, immune regulation of eight functions, and the unique efficacy of the treatment of hypertension

In recent years, the international market has been maintaining a strong demand for our massage apparatus products, and the improvement of the domestic manufacturing level, but also for the manufacture of massage apparatus in China to provide a guarantee basis, resulting in the world's production capacity gradually transferred to China, so that China has become the world's massage apparatus manufacturing center.


Analysis of existing massage apparatus industry product competition strategy


Product production strategy


Product yield refers to the scale, degree, speed, level, etc. of product existence development. Product yield competition refers to the size of the product production batch, the speed of development of the comparative process. Product yield is an important condition for enterprises to obtain economic benefits, is an important means for products to occupy the market. Product yield strategy is the study of product production scale, degree, speed, level of development speed how much is appropriate method. The current massage chairs have a higher market share share.


Product variety competition strategy


Product variety mainly refers to the different performance of products and similar products, models, specifications, series, styles and other characteristics of the total sum. Product variety strategy mainly refers to the methods and techniques of product diversification, serialization and novelty. Product variety is an important means to adapt to the multi-level demand of consumers and make it an important means to occupy the market. Product variety is an important way to adapt to the development of science and technology and to obtain survival and development. Product competition promotes the development of product variety, and the development of product variety makes enterprises win in product competition. Now there are more and more types of massagers, before only for a certain part of the massage equipment, now there has been a whole body massage equipment.


Product price competition strategy


Product price is the monetary performance of the value. Product price competition refers to the production of products, operators in order to promote products, occupy the market, to obtain profits, to defeat rivals and take the pricing strategy, pricing methods of competition activities. Product price strategy is the main means of selling products, gaining profits, and at the same time is an important way to defeat rivals and occupy the market. Price should be based on value, while reflecting changes in supply and demand and in line with national laws and regulations.


massage gun

Product sales competition strategy


Product sales strategy refers to the techniques and means that product producers (operators) use to help customers recognize and pay attention to products or services, stimulate customers' desire to buy, and promote the transfer of products or services.


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