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How to buy the right fascia gun for you

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The fascia gun, which is popular in the sports world, has taken over ordinary households. Especially in the previous period, people stay at home, either head down to play cell phones, or nestled in the sofa watching TV, maintaining the same posture for a long time, easy to shoulder and neck stiffness, back pain, resulting in the rise in popularity of the fascia gun. But there are many kinds of fascia guns on the market, how to choose?

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Selection Technique 1: The lighter the operation, the better

Myofascial guns that look like "electric drills". The main principle is to massage the muscles and fascia deeply through high frequency vibration to achieve relaxation effect. Physiotherapists usually treat with their bare hands, adjusting the bones, muscles, fascia and nervous system, after touching the gun, it is used to assist the treatment, which is less effort and more efficient. If you have a myofascial gun at home, relaxation before treatment can allow physical therapists to enter the situation faster, not because of muscle tightness to loosen a long time to start treatment focus; and after treatment, go home and use the myofascial gun to maintain the effect, can shorten the muscle recovery time.


Selection technique 2: The vibration force should be moderate, not the more pain the better

Modern people's common stiff shoulders and neck, back pain, or muscle pain after exercise, can use the fascia gun to relax. But a friendly reminder, some places can not be tapped, such as the eye sockets, solar plexus, the fossa behind the knee and other "fossa", as well as the bone protrusion area, because there are fewer muscles; and the neck blood vessels are more fragile, even with bare hands should not be pressed vigorously. And there are many nerves near the spine, it is also not recommended to tap. In principle, where there are muscles, there is no problem to use the fascial gun, but do not press deeply, holding the instrument vibration force is enough, not the more pain is better.

In addition, there are some conditions or special body type, do not recommend the use of their own. These include muscle inflammation, trauma, abnormal blood clotting function, heart-related diseases, pregnant women, and women in their physiological period. In addition, osteoporosis patients are not unable to massage, is concerned about hard pressure will be injured, it is best to be assisted by professionals.


Selection skills 3: silent, pro-price more attractive

Square fascia gun a wide range, from a few dozen dollars to more than three or four thousand dollars are available, how should consumers choose? If you can afford to take a foreign brand; if the economy in general, domestic brands are also a good choice.

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Selection skill 4: file speed best 3 files or more

In order to attract the public's attention, many labeled fascia guns will deliberately exaggerate the fascia gun's gears, the old king has seen a total of 20 gears of fascia guns. It is suggested that the gears of the fascia gun should be 3~5 gears.

Selection Technique 5: Battery life should be sufficient

Myofascial gun range is also considered the "lifeblood" of this product, at home to use the myofascial gun relaxation is actually not to consider the relationship of battery life. However, if the gun is carried out and used frequently, it is an important parameter in the selection of the gun.


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