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How to buy the right head massager

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Head massager activates cellular vitality, and brain nerves by automatically massaging the cerebral cortex, which has the effect of maintaining the brain, and is effective for dizziness, headache, neuralgia, and relieving insomnia. So, how to buy a head massager? What brand of head massager is good? Here to those who are thinking of buying, to provide a little experience and reference.

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According to the way of massage to choose


At present, the more high-quality head massager can generally provide a variety of massage, in addition to the most basic head acupuncture point physical vibration massage, but also with intelligent head air pressure massage, as well as infrared heat therapy massage and other functions, so that the head in the massage really achieve the purpose of relieving head tension and keeping the mind awake.


See whether the massager can be adjusted for elasticity


We should pay attention to whether the head massager has the head elasticity adjustment function, cheap head massager on the market is generally only a single size can not be adjusted, and good quality head massager can generally be adjusted at will within a certain range of internal diameter, adapt to different head circumference size of friends wearing.

Look at the massager auxiliary function


Some good auxiliary functions of the head massage effect can play a good role in promoting and strengthening; for example, music function, a brain massage machine with music mode, it can bring us a comfortable, relaxing rest atmosphere. While enjoying the massage, you can also listen to soothing music; and timing function, we enjoy the massage, sometimes can not pinpoint the time and delayed other things. The head massager with timing function just set the time before the massage, you can comfortably enjoy the massage process, and do not have to worry about the time.

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Look at the volume


High and low noise, even if there are provisions are measured in decibels, the general public can not easily determine whether it meets the requirements. Therefore, a unified furniture editor suggests that we can wear a head massager in the physical store to try to listen to the noise level, if the sound is not excessively harsh, it is not a problem, if the sound is too loud, the treatment is very unfavorable. Of course, if you choose to buy online, you can also contact customer service to understand the sound size, or refer to other buyers' feedback graph frequency to judge.


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