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How to choose a massage cushion?

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Massage cushion is designed according to the theory of Chinese medicine physiotherapy set of medicine and magnetic physiotherapy, massage in one health care massage equipment, so by many families welcome and love. So, in the face of so many brands of massage cushions on the market, how do we choose? The following is an introduction to the purchase of massage cushion related considerations.

massage cushion

First, Look at the appearance


In our purchase of massage cushion, choose a good appearance of the massage cushion is essential. Because the appearance of good or bad, in a way, will affect our mood, and thus affect the effect of the massage cushion. Therefore, choose a good appearance of the massage cushion, is very important Oh.


Second, look at the function


In the purchase of massage cushion, be sure to look at the massage cushion related functions. Generally speaking, the function of the massage cushion is actually more or less the same, more or less. However, if it is more expensive massage cushion, the function may be more complete and powerful. So, you can choose according to your needs.


Third, look at the power


Some manufacturers in order to save costs, will reduce the power of the massage cushion motor, while selling the same price as the original. Therefore, we must pay special attention to this issue when buying massage cushions, do not be unscrupulous businessmen cheated.

To know the market massager for different places, there are different effects. Massage cushions are subdivided into a variety of body parts can massage the head, shoulders, back, arms, waist, hips, thighs, calves, feet.


If you just waist pain, you can buy waist massage cushion, neck pain can choose the neck massage cushion.


Massage cushion unique pounding, finger pressure, patting three kinds of massage methods, can effectively promote the circulation of Qi and blood, to maintain the balance of the body's yin and Yang. Targeted purchase, you can save unnecessary spending.

massage cushion

Fourth, look at the service


In the purchase of massage cushions, be sure to choose the massage cushion products with good after-sales service. Do not be greedy for cheap and ignore the choice of after-sales service. After all, with a good after-sales service, we can use the peace of mind.

Different massage cushions have different designs, different massage methods, so the power of the product is not the same, in the selection of such products to understand what range of qualified power and so on.


General massage cushion will use ergonomic principles and design, such as hammering vibration massage method, after careful improvement of the massage head, can be assembled pinprick type, convex round massage head, breaking the traditional massage hammer can only hammering function, increase the shiatsu massage and pinprick massage function.


There are also some design massage hammer, can play a concentrated massage effect, effective cushioning impact capacity, strong performance, easy to operate without noise.


Even also according to the ergonomic design, the massage efficiency will be better in the right points, different from the manual massage, you can choose infrared physical therapy, high security!


Be careful, some businesses seize the customer care about the price, will ignore the power. Although the price went down, but did not take advantage of.


Fifth, look at the brand


In the purchase of massage cushions, it is best to choose those who have a good brand, good reputation products. Because after all, people's products are there for all to see, so it is best to choose those brand-name products. In this case, not only the quality is guaranteed, but also in the after-sales service, is also very secure.

After the purchase of goods, there are always some unscrupulous businessmen will ignore the customer after-sales service, so be sure to choose a reputable business to buy.


After buying the massage cushion, if you encounter problems with the business will give you a satisfactory answer. Generally this point many people will ignore, the final loss is often when they!


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