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How to choose massage chair, massage cushion

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I wonder if you have the habit of massage? In addition to asking professionals to serve themselves, the purchase of a massage home appliances is also the first choice of many partners. The market today, there are not only for different parts of the body such as back, foot massage apparatus, the variety is also a wide range. For full-body massage, the most sought after, there is nothing better than a massage chair, or massage cushion. However, we are in between the two, and how to choose it?

massage cushion

Compared to massage mats, massage chairs are perhaps more familiar to everyone: a lounger loaded with a simulation of mechanical hands and vibration motors, using the role of mechanical rolling power and air pressure of the air pump to produce extrusion, massage on the human body. Massage chairs are more complex internal structure, in addition to motors, motors and rails, many massage chairs are also installed inside the chip similar to the computer motherboard and control the movement of the robot motor, is a veritable smart home appliance.

And relatively speaking, the structure of the massage cushion is a little more simple, although the working principle of the massage cushion and massage chair is no different, the same is through the mechanical rolling force and mechanical force to produce extrusion to massage. But compared to massage chairs such as "large appliances", massage cushions can only be described as "small appliances": not only the volume and weight are only 1/5 of the massage chair or even less, massage cushions must also be placed in ordinary chairs or sofas to be able to normal Use; and also because of its small, lightweight and easy to carry, many friends will choose to use at home in addition, it will be placed in the car, or take out as a portable massage equipment.

So, massage chairs and massage cushions compared, what are the advantages and disadvantages of each? First of all, the most important point is the experience: although we say that the massage chair and massage cushion working principle is the same, however, after all, the internal structure of the massage chair than the massage cushion precision too much, the ergonomic design is also more tight and precise, to give the user a more comfortable massage experience; in addition, 80% of the massage cushion on the market is still only a relatively single massage effect, while most of the massage chairs have been able to reach the set of massage, heating, stretching, and even provide zero gravity body services. Therefore, the massage chair to give a multifunctional experience is its biggest advantage over the massage cushion.

However, there are disadvantages, due to the complex mechanical composition of the massage chair, compared to roll up to pack away the massage cushion, the massage chair occupies a much larger space. Whether it is the living room, study or bedroom, to use the massage chair always need to make a special place, and massage cushion? Even in bed or sofa mountain can also be used, does not occupy any other location. Therefore, in today's shrinking per capita living area of society, massage cushion is obviously because of its small and portable features and is somewhat sought after.

massage cushion

Of course, due to these differences, massage chairs and massage cushions price disparity is not small: from the common massage chairs and massage cushions on the market to compare, massage chairs often require users to spend tens of thousands of dollars to purchase, while the price range of massage cushions are generally less than 10,000 yuan, is half of the massage chair or even less. Of course, the mechanical composition, leather, brand differences, will have an impact on the price. We just need to live within our means, no need to blindly pursue high-priced massage appliances.

So in summary, if you pursue a sense of experience, and more space and budget, the massage chair will be the best choice to meet your needs; and if you prefer a sense of portability, and require massage appliances do not overly encroach on the limited space at home, the massage cushion may be more suitable for you that one! So, for the massage appliances, you have any friends want to share the advice or views? Come and tell me in the comments!


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