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How to relieve calf pain? Teach you 4 moves to relax the legs

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The temperature difference between morning and evening in autumn is relatively large, if you do not do a good job of keeping your body warm when you sleep, it may cause soreness in the calves, which affects the quality of sleep, sudden pain in the calves can be relieved by massage or hot compresses.

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How to relieve the sudden pain in the calf?

1. Appropriate massage

The calf stomach will be depressed after the calf is stretched out, the depression is from the mountain point to press this point, with the effect of relaxation, can relieve calf spasm, low back pain and leg pain cramps, but also to eliminate the feeling of fatigue. You can also straighten your legs, bend forward and use both hands to pinch the muscles in front of the thighs and calves, repeatedly pinch about 10 times.


2. Apply the active oil


When the calf stomach cold will also cause pain, you can apply the right amount of safflower oil or active oil to massage, with the effect of soothing and activating the joints to relieve the cold caused by the pain and discomfort. Every night before going to bed using hot water foot bath, can improve blood circulation in the legs, help get rid of the cold, promote metabolism, relieve soreness, in addition to hot water can be added to generate ginger or pepper to achieve the effect of blood circulation.

3. Hot compress


Put the body of coarse salt fried inside the pot, until fried until hot, then put in gauze wrapped, directly on the pain or cold place, each time the hot compress 20 minutes, when the hot compress as far as possible is padded with a towel to prevent burns skin. Alternatively, you can use a hot water bag on the cold and sore legs. If the leg is broken, diabetic patients and neuropathy people can not use this method of hot compress.


4. Moxibustion


Find the Foot San Li point, Yangling Spring point and Blood Sea point for moxibustion, the patient needs to lie flat on the bed and moxibustion in a gentle way. Put the lit moxa close to the skin for three centimeters until the skin is red, for about 30 minutes each time, for 10 days. Moxibustion at these points has the effect of harmonizing the qi and blood as well as warming the meridians.

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Warm Tips

If you stay in an air-conditioned room for a long time, try to cover your legs with a small blanket to prevent the cold. If the above methods are not relieved for three days, be alert to trauma or arthritis, and go to the hospital to find out the cause and treat the symptoms. The temperature of air conditioning should not be too low, the room temperature can be controlled at about 27 ℃, avoid doing strenuous exercise during the period, should pay more attention to rest, usually massage the legs to promote local blood circulation, avoid eating spicy and stimulating food, reduce the time of standing for a long time.


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