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Is it necessary to buy a fascia gun?

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This issue brings the experience of using the fascia gun and buying advice. The effect of using this product is still good. During this period of time, all friends who go to play ball if there is a leg cramp situation, is to take out the fascial gun massage. If it is fitness, the next day there will be a delayed pain or muscle tension, especially for partners with fitness experience muscle joints are very tight, as if your muscles are imprisoned in one place, by a net, you want to open the arms is very difficult, not only pain will have a feeling of being bound. This is where the fascia gun comes in, and this is the main function of the fascia gun, it can help you to break up the fascia bondage feeling. You will not feel abnormal after the usual workout.


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1. The actual role of the fascia gun


In the past when there was no fascia gun, when you did not get timely muscle relaxation after exercising the pectoral muscles, the next day you will be a little hunchback. The reason is that your pectoral muscles have been in a tight state, the whole front half of the body will be pulled by the pectoral muscles to the front half, and then you will be a little hunched over. But now, if you use a fascia gun to relax after exercise, you will maintain a normal physique the next day.

For post-exercise pain or pain after lactic acid buildup, I don't think it works very well. Is that really the case? In fact, it is not, it is because you do not have a timely massage after exercise relaxation reason.


The fascial gun in the use of the time, must be aimed at muscle massage, do not massage the joints or muscle weak places, if you do not listen to advice, the fascial gun will be transformed into a shock hammer!


When using a fascial gun, there are many places on your own body that cannot be massaged. For people who are relatively flexible, it's okay, but for those who have trained their own back and waist fitness people may need the assistance of others to massage. Therefore, the use of the fascia gun is not applicable to the whole body.


2. The effect of the fascia gun on cramps


For example, if you play ball to play calf cramps, the use of fascia gun massage effect is very very good. Because the myofascia is mostly attached to the muscle, sudden movement will produce a regular contraction. In this case, it is very difficult to knead if you want to knead by hand within a period of time. Some physiotherapists may be able to knead your cramped muscles in a period of time, but it is difficult to knead the cramped muscles when you are alone. Few people have the strength to knead the fascia, but if you have a fascia gun, you can easily operate it alone and vibrate the gun directly against the twitching muscle, which is very effective in a short period of time.

Originally, the purchase of the fascia gun is used for muscle relaxation and recovery after fitness, but in the treatment of muscle cramps will be very good.

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3. The price of the fascia gun


From the information we know, the shape of the fascia gun within 1000 yuan is generally the same. The difference is actually some private customization, which differs in the color of the shell.

If you go through, the shape of the fascia gun within 1000 yuan is the same: there are buttons behind the product, the front is the impact head, the upper side is the so-called second generation brushless motor, the lower side is the removable battery. The movement is the same, in order to look better to make a better shell or to make a distinction with other brands. 


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