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Is there any harm in using massage pads?

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Long-term anxiety in the work, the application of massage cushion can do a certain release of pressure, such as foot massage cushion is better, can promote the operation of the blood, to prevent a variety of diseases, so that the people more healthy, but need to pay attention to the physiological period or pregnancy can not be applied, in addition to some brain hemorrhage, internal organs bleeding patients can not be applied, or the disease will become more and more serious.

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A, what is the use of foot massage cushion


Chinese medicine feels that the body's internal organs in the soles of the feet are relative projections, the palms of the feet have more than 60 acupuncture points, often pushing the acupuncture points, can promote the operation of the body's blood, left and right through the whole line, even balance Yang and Yin, softening the blood vessels, warming the internal organs. In turn, it has the efficacy of the key to prevent disease. Foot massage pad to change the traditional type of massage of the trouble, easy to operate, and will not be subject to place, weather and time restrictions.

Second, the efficacy of foot massage cushion


According to the foot massage cushion foot massage points can stimulate the body's internal potential, improve the body's ability to resist disease work, suitable for healing the body of each of the five organs of the human body organs, very for some chronic diseases have certain efficacy. Foot massage points to see the disease can not be divided into Yang and Yin, table, hot cold, real deficiency, energy head governance, overall conditioning, intelligent once carried out. 

Foot massage pad can have a double buffering effect, the deficient can be complementary, the real can be diarrhea, the cold can be warm, the hot can be clear, the accumulation can be dispersed, the firm can be soft, the loss of more, not enough to make up for, revitalize blood circulation and disperse stasis, quickly eliminate swelling, meridians unclogged, through the bone, ascending and descending turbidity, strengthen resistance, solidify the essence, strengthen the body and remove disease. According to the application of foot massage pad can promote the blood circulation system, improve the basic metabolism, enhance the immune effect, eliminate anxiety and anxiety, improve the quality of sleep, relieve fatigue, restore vital energy, and thus improve physical health.

massage cushion

Third, the injury and application of massage pads taboo


In the female period or pregnancy should prevent the application of foot massage pad, to prevent abnormal bleeding from the uterus or affect the physical and mental health of the fetal baby. Because the application of foot massage pad has the effect of promoting the blood circulation system, so the brain hemorrhage, internal organs bleeding and other causes of more serious exudative disease patients, can not be applied to prevent greater bleeding. 

For these more serious kidney failure, heart failure, liver necrosis and other critical patients, the application of foot massage pad irritation can cause obvious reflections and even make the condition serious, so it must be used with caution. For patients with active tuberculosis, it should not be used to prevent the spread of tuberculosis bacilli with the blood circulation, causing serious harm to diffuse, cornual tuberculosis. For patients with high incidence of angina pectoris, patients should be advised to rest in bed and be sent to the hospital outpatient clinic as much as possible, and foot massage pads should not be used indiscriminately. Patients with high fever, extreme fatigue, debility, long-term use of growth hormone, foot lesions, etc. are not suitable for massage.


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