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Massage belt purchase points

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1, according to the fabric: buy and sell massage belt, the fabric is also one of the points to consider, poor quality massage belt fabric is mostly inferior PU, methanol content may be high, harmful to the body, and easy to break when using, and most of the quality massage belt using imported high-quality PU leather as its fabric, fabric delicate, comfortable, will not wear clothes, no allergies, no irritation and other smells, and more beautiful appearance, easier to clean, safer to use, more at ease.

2, according to the function to buy: massage belt function is very important, high-quality massage belt should have a fully automatic mode and manual mode, free to increase or decrease the massage intensity, only the most suitable for their mode to make themselves more relaxed, more comfortable. 

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In addition, the heating function is also necessary, the heating function of the massage belt more effective relaxation to lift the discomfort of the back and abdomen, eliminate muscle pain, but also effective relief and Due to poor posture and poor blood circulation caused by back pain and rheumatic pain, promote blood circulation and metabolism, vibration massage with heating, can also make fat plus also decomposition, help eliminate the back, arms, waist, abdomen, hips, thighs, calves and other parts of the excess fat to achieve the effect of fat elimination and slimming, massage, slimming combination, the best of both worlds, a machine, more practical.


3, according to the length of the belt to buy: everyone in the purchase of massage belt, it is best to choose some belt has more than 140CM massage belt, the belt is long enough, then fat people can use, do not worry about the belt is not long enough, more suitable for any different body type of users.


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Look at the appearance of the massage belt in our purchase, choose a good appearance of the massage belt is essential. Because the appearance of good or bad, in a way, will affect our mood, and thus affect the effect of the massage belt. Therefore, it is important to choose a massage belt with a good appearance.

Look at the service in the purchase of massage belts, be sure to choose a massage belt products with good after-sales service. Never be greedy for small bargains and ignore the choice of after-sales service. After all, with a good after-sales service, we can use the peace of mind.


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