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Massage hammer can be used every day?

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Massage hammer as a common health care apparatus, almost every household has, people pick up from time to time with two, many people will use it, but few people know that a small massage hammer, looks inconspicuous, the use of a very delicate, then the use of massage hammer precautions are what?

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Can you use massage hammer every day?

Massage pound can be used every day.

The purpose of using massage hammer is to help us relieve muscle fatigue, relaxation, if necessary, can also play a certain therapeutic effect, but know that these effects are in the long-term persistence to achieve, not overnight; so if you want to rely on massage hammer to achieve certain results, then it must be after long-term persistence can be, so massage hammer can be, best to use every day.

Adhere to the massage pounding can thin thighs. Massage knocking can Shu meridian, blood detoxification, blood circulation fast, the body will have enough energy to eliminate waste, edema, toxins in the body will naturally be removed, massage knocking parts will be thin.

The cold in the human body is especially heavy in the gallbladder, and the meridians on the outside of the thigh, is the route through which the gallbladder meridian. The cold often accumulates here, knocking on the gallbladder meridian, is to knock the cold away, knock the blood sufficient, then naturally, your legs will become thin.

The route of the gall bladder meridian in the lower extremities is along the femur, the lateral midline of the lower extremities down to between the little toe and the second toe. There is an easy to find sign that is along the line in the middle of the pants to the side of the knee, mainly the four points of Huanjiao, Fengshi, Zhongdu and Knee Yangguan.

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The two legs should be knocked, otherwise one leg is thick, the other leg is thin is not good.

There is a saying in Chinese medicine that "the point is not away from the meridian", so knocking the bile meridian on the outside of the thigh is just a little hot, numb, you can achieve the effect of stimulating bile secretion, and does not require very correct points, of course, if you can knock the best in place.

Office workers can use the work gap, knocking when sitting, but also sitting on the bed straight legs, with fists to hammer both sides of the thigh.


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