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Neck massager electric shock is harmful to the body

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Cervical massager as a physical therapy apparatus, through the vibration or percussion massage, massage to activate blood, relieve muscle spasm, but also on a daily basis cervical spondylosis to play a supplementary therapeutic role, widely welcomed by the working class, sedentary people. But many people in the use, will feel a leakage of electricity like a prickly feeling, this electric shock is harmful to the body?

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To some neck massager, for example, it uses low-frequency pulse technology, through low-frequency pulse electromagnetic current conduction in the skin, to relieve cervical fatigue brought about by the soreness, pulse massage is different from physical massage, and will not have that squeezing feeling, but a feeling of current stimulation.


Low-frequency pulse therapy, for low pressure, low frequency, and adjustable, will not be harmful to the human body, there is pain relief but no heat, strong stimulation of sensory and motor nerves, and better treatment of neurological cervical fatigue.


Cervical spine massager microcurrent stimulation is not everyone can adapt, some people may feel uncomfortable at first, like being electrocuted, slowly adapt after using a period of time. The cervical massager is portable and easy to use, not only at home, office, anywhere at any time can massage, is one of the modern self-care massage tools.

The use of microcomputer control generated by low-frequency pulse signal, through the human body electrodes, in accordance with different sequences, simulating the effect of acupuncture, fire can, scraping, massage, whacking, tui na, etc. for health care physical therapy.


Electronic pulse massager can give massage to shoulder, neck, back, hands, legs and feet and other body parts through high-frequency pulse, which can relax muscles, reduce sports injuries and help restore physical strength. With its own LCD display, handheld remote control, preset 6 kinds of massage automatic massage program, 3 kinds of massage technology can be selected, adjustable speed, user-friendly. Electronic pulse massager can reduce muscle pain caused by sports, muscle spasms, and carpal tunnel syndrome, electronic pulse massager allows you to put all aspects of your body. Particularly effective for the neck and back, the massager uses gentle electrical pulses to relieve pain and stimulate muscles. A versatile tool, it can also be used to help soothe legs, arms, and joints.


neck massager

The principle of intelligent acupressure instrument is to use microcomputer control to generate low-frequency pulse signals through the human body electrodes, in different order, to simulate the effects of acupuncture, fire cupping, gua sha, massage, pounding, and tui na for health care physical therapy.


Similar physical therapy equipment, commonly used is mechanical vibration up to stimulate acupuncture points, rare mechanical pressure, but still useful for slow rolling cylinder pressure stimulation, which requires motor acceleration and deceleration, drive the drum or press the head sub reciprocating motion.

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